beyond the bikini: creating fitbook PREP with Nicole Wilkins

“some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it."
(like really really hard.)

when's the last time that you woke up, just so laser-focused on your goals that the mere thought of waking up each morning excites you? can you imagine what it feels like to live a life where your purpose and passion are so intimately intertwined where your work isn’t actually “work” at all; it’s just what you do. you don’t do the work because you feel like it; you do it because it matters.

i've met very few people who epitomize true success more than this woman right here: nicole wilkins

with 12 professional wins under her bikini, this 4-time figure olympia champion has literally put this sport of competing on the map. she’s graced the cover of about every fitness magazine and has been the face of multiple major brands. but beyond the biceps, she has taken her success on stage and gone on to create an online membership program, develop a line of (super-cute) fitness apparel, run weekend-long fitness camps all over the world, and simultaneously inspire literally millions on social media.

so imagine how this entrepreneur who briefly dabbled in the world of competing (yes, me…i donned the pink bikini…and then stuck to business), was star struck when i first had the opportunity to meet and go on to work to co-create a product with this fitness legend.

 so how did this collaboration come to be? so glad you asked:

december 2013: we first meet on a google hangout after being introduced by our friends at 6-Pack Bags (um, thanks guys!)

august 2014: after disclosing her love of fitbook, we celebrate fitbook’s 6th birthday at the IDEA world expo by having nicole sign fitbooks

january 2015: “can you make fitbooks with my logo on the cover?” um, you’re nicole wilkins – yes, consider it done.

november 2015: “so what about creating a fitbook designed specifically for fitness competitors?” fitbook PREP development begins.

april 2016: that idea that we tossed around? we woke up and worked for it. we made it happen.

it’s my honor to announce the launch of fitbook PREP, co-created with THE nicole wilkins. whether you’re a die-hard fan or completely new to the world of spray tans, teeny-tiny bikinis, and seriously steep stilettos, you can learn loads from this fitness entrepreneur. through the process of creating this product, i've had the honor of picking her brain, learning from the best, and seeing firsthand what it takes to be a champion.

whether your goal is to sport a bikini and take the stage or not, we can all be inspired by the sheer dedication + determination it takes to accomplish something far bigger than ourselves.

i may have hung up the sparkly bikini years ago, but something about nicole ignites a passion within me to not just settle for mediocre; but to always be moving forward.

without further ado, meet fitbook PREP: the first ever fitness + nutrition journal for fitness competitors to get you prepped + ready to take the stage. whether you're training for a figure competition or just wanting to take your fitness to the next level, fitbook PREP was created to get you there in tip-top shape - with THE nicole wilkins coaching you every step of the way. want to take a peek? watch this video for a behind-the-scenes with me + nicole.

want to buy? you're in luck.
get fitbook PREP exclusively @
[hustle up – they won’t last long!]

nicole: thank you from the bottom of my non-bikini-baring heart for believing in fitbook. we are beyond thrilled to watch as you #drivefor5 at the olympia this september.

now, all this bikini talk suddenly has me suddenly inspired to hit the gym. if you need me, i'll be chiseling my biceps + toning my tush.

chief fitlosopher, out.

p.s. nicole – you have me contemplating another competition, darn you! #lookwhatyoustarted

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April 30, 2016

Fabulous interview! Thank you both for some great tips ;)

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