5 tips to spring clean + go green!

spring has officially sprung! mother earth is awakening from her loooong winter’s nap and she’s in need of a little spring cleaning. and with earth day coming up, what better time to do your part while simultaneously working on that bikini bod? check out our 5 tips to get fit while tidying up God’s green earth:

[trash walk]
when’s the last time you went for a walk or hike and spied litter on the ground? well, fit friends, it’s time to take out the trash! lace up those sneakers, grab a friend (or two) and a garbage bag, and go talk the talk while you walk the walk. spot some garbage on the ground? lunge for that litter! squat for those soda cans! help keep your little corner of the planet nice and clean! wanna join an organized movement? just google ‘earth day clean up’ to find an event near you!

[car wash cardio]
think a car wash is all about working up a lather? well why not work up a sweat too while you’re at it?? fill a bucket with soapy water, crank up those tunes and wax on, wax off! all that scrubbing and squatting can really add up to some major calorie-burn, and by using a bucket rather than the hose, you’ll be conserving water as well, which makes mother nature very happy. wanna step it up a notch? check out this car-wash workout from PopSugar.  

[farm-fresh by foot]
did you know that eating local is the environmental equivalent of logging 11,000 fewer miles per year of driving your car. plus, local produce and other local food offerings are fresher and at their peak flavor, as they haven’t had to travel thousands of miles before reaching your plate. so what are you waiting for?? get out + explore your local farmers markets by finding the one nearest you at localharvest.org!

[run-run recycle]
put those running shoes to good use - and we don’t mean by pounding the pavement. ideally , running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles (or 6 months) for optimum performance and joint protection. so once you’ve racked up those miles, give those worn-out, old kicks new life by donating them to the Nike ReUSE A SHOE recycling program. old soles are ground down and used as surface material for playgrounds, tracks and football fields alike, so while you clean out your closet, kids are getting a new playground. sounds like a win-win. interested in donating? find a drop-off location near you.

[get fit + save fuel]
did you know that if you carpooled just twice a week 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases would be kept out of the air each year? and were you aware that having an accountability buddy can help you lose more weight than going it alone? kill two birds with one stone and carpool to the gym with a friend or neighbor three days per week. you’ll save some moolah on fuel, cut down on those gas emissions and up your odds of sticking with your workouts. new to town? find a carpool buddy online.

what’s your favorite way to spring clean while going green?
comment below + let us know!

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