21 reasons why paper-people rock

paper planner people are, well...for lack of a better term, my people. yes, we are fabulous folks who tote around a good ol' fashioned ring-bound contraption that simultaneously serves as a personal assistant, scheduling master, mobile file cabinet, sticky note landing page, and doodling device all-in-one. often color-coded, rarely left at home, and sometimes a little OCD, our paper planners are pivotal little part of how we juggle our lives and somehow look like we have it all together.  well all that, and we are always the one to have an extra pen on-hand. can i get an amen?

yes, some people may look down their nose (over their smartphone) at us as though we're behind the times, but we beg to differ.  so much so that we made a list of 21 reasons why we paper-people rock

but first, a moment of silence before we literally ROCK your little planner-lovin' world into next week's planning page. 

[moment of silence]

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told you - world, rocked.

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without further ado, our list of 21 reasons why paper-people rock

1. because people who put pen-to-paper and actually write down their goals are 76% more likely to achieve them.

2. because a paper planner can’t crash + ruin your whole day. or take forever to load. or require a users manual in 5 languages. or require someone born after 1985 to figure it out. need we go on?

3. because why else would a grown adult have a perfectly good reason for utilizing a rainbow collection of colored pens, sticky notes, and/or cute stickers?

4. because people who write down their daily food + fitness lose more weight. (ahem, have you heard of fitbook? fitbook lite? they rock.)

5. because in a meeting while everyone is trying to swipe 10 times to create a note or add a new appointment, we're like, "yeah, got my pen...i'm ready."

6. because people who journal their gratitude are healthier and happier - research shows.

7. because we single-handedly keep the white-out industry afloat. you're welcome.

8. because there’s nothing quite like the first time you turn the first page to open a brand new journal or planner - a plethora of fresh possibilities on those pages.

9. because paper is old-school cool.

10. because one study found that 69% of people track their health stats and researchers found that "good ol' pencil and paper was pretty dominant and technology did not play a big role" in reaching health goals. (boom).

11. because you don't have to worry about plugging in your planner at night to make sure it has a full charge for the next day. 

12. because a paper journal is forever.

13. because there's no risk of EMF-emission overdose or radiation exposure - and you can safely use your planner on your lap without fear of future reproductive issues.

14. because journaling your gratitude boosts your immunity.  that's right, be grateful you're not sick and you might ward off that sickness!

15. because there's a sweet sense of accomplishment when you finish anything paper: a planner, a book, a journal, a test - anything!

16. because we handle paper cuts like a boss.

17. because the aforementioned injuries in #16 give us a good reason to sport cool bandaids and look tough, but really it's a seemingly harmless planner-induced war wound.

18. because we have a lot more opportunities to perfect our handwriting game.

19. because an app can’t make that fun little paper-crinkling sound when you scribble something, mess up, and just wanna start all over.

20. because paper beats rock.

21. because fitbookers are paper-people and fitbookers rock, so...duh. 

so that's our list of why paper-lovin’, planner-totin’, list-makin’ people rock. did i miss one? please, do share in the comments below. then head on over to Day Designer to learn more about our planner-page, sample-size addition to the fitbook family: fitbook TWENTY-ONE.

peace out, planner people.
fitlosophy founder + chief paper lover

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