[customer spotlight] how fitbook is slimming down the south

the Aspen Weight Loss Clinic is a family affair. for 29 years, owner Steve Dupuis has been shrinking waistlines + changing lives in a region known for epidemic levels of obesity. in fact, Louisiana is currently the "unhealthiest state in the nation". but not for long, if Steve has anything to do with it. with nine locations throughout Louisiana and his daughter Barbie joining the family business, they’re working toward making the south healthier place, one client at a time. and with the recent introduction of customized fitbooks into their clinics, they’re taking the southland by storm.  

[the Aspen Clinic difference]
one of the biggest problems weight-loss clinics tend to run into is strict, honest adherence to the program. old habits die hard, and not everyone is fully willing to give up certain vices in the beginning, thus continuing some of the original bad habits that led them to gain weight in the first place. if clients aren’t truthful with themselves or their advisors, weight-loss will inevitably stall or backslide. honesty and accountability are crucial.

but this isn’t just any weight-loss clinic. Barbie and Steve don’t believe in quick fixes, and they definitely won’t just hand you some "magic" pills and send you on your way. they are fully invested in their clients. they know that in order to achieve long-lasting results, they have to teach their clients how to live healthier lives by forming healthier habits.  

“one of the biggest differences between our company and the rest of the weight loss world is that we truly care about each and every client, and do whatever we can every day to find new ways to help them,” said Barbie. “our business was formed upon the belief that we could make a difference in our clients’ lives, to not only help them lose weight, but also help them live longer, healthier lives by developing proper eating and activity habits.”

two of those healthy habits in question? writing down their goals + keeping an accurate and thorough food journal. “for 29 years, we have seen the best results in clients who are consistent with those two things,” said Barbie.

[the perfect fit]

enter fitbook. after stumbling upon our fitness + nutrition journal at the 2015 Food + Nutrition Conference in Nashville, Barbie took one look and knew she HAD to have it. after using it herself (and losing 5 pounds in just a week!), she realized she had a game-changer on her hands. it would be the perfect tool to add to the Aspen Clinic arsenal. Barbie sent us her logo that same week + we had a custom fitbook mock-up ready for her review right away. after a quick phone call + some planning, a pallet of 1000 custom fitbooks was being delivered to their 9 locations the next month.

[the big reveal]
to announce the addition of fitbook to their team of 60+, Aspen Clinic invited our chief fitlosopher, to speak at their annual team meeting in Baton Rouge. not only was she greeted and treated with such sweet southern hospitality (including king cake), she saw first-hand why this company is enjoying exponential growth and changing lives in the process. in Angela's words: "i was the one who was invited to inspire and i walked away being the one inspired! Steve has created a family-owned-and-operated empire that runs the business with incredible integrity that treats each and every employee like part of the family." what stood out most to Angela was how adamant Steve was on the importance of setting goals. a fellow Zig Ziglar fan, Steve insists that every employee set goals in all areas of their life. to further practice what they preach, he gifted each employee with a fitbook of their own to kick off a 12-week company health challenge, complete with cash prizes. the highlight of the event: when Steve held up fitbook before introducing Angela and said "you need 2 books in life: the Bible and fitbook!".  

[flying off the shelves]
fitbook has been such an amazing addition to our clinic because it ties in both the goal-setting AND food journal aspects of our program,”
said Barbie. “clients are able to log their food intake, using the note section to record the calories, fat grams and carbohydrates in each item in order to adhere to their weight loss plans.” other program guidelines regarding physical activity, water intake, sleep and supplements all have designated sections in the fitbook as well. 




“to be honest, we couldn't have found a more perfect product for our program!”

just one month after getting fitbook onto their retail shelves, Aspen Clinic had not only sold through hundreds of them in all of their locations, they also had rave reviews coming in from every angle. fitbook is helping clients not only lose weight,” said Barbie, “but also identify food groups they're not eating enough of, monitor their sleeping routines, track their progress, remind them to take their supplements, and stick to program!”  fitbook provides the level of accountability their clients needed to remain honest with themselves throughout the process and make meaningful changes. they have a place to keep track of their progress, adjusting their goals as needed with the help and guidance of Aspen Clinic.

“we encourage our clients to come see us for weekly weigh-ins, and with the weekly goal-setting/goal-recap section in fitbook, patients are able to bring their books to weigh-ins so we can not only look over them and make suggestions or adjustments, but also help set up their goals for the coming week,” said Barbie. 

[brand thy fitbook]

Barbie’s favorite fitbook feature? the custom branding. little known fact: fitlosophy co-brands the cover of fitbook for retailers who want a more personalized product in keeping with their own brand standards. since the Aspen Clinic is all about the purple, it would only make sense that their fitbooks sport purple binding too - not to mention emblazoned with their Aspen Clinic logo.

“weight loss is a huge life-changing event for most people,” said Barbie, “so we hope that our clients will always look back at that little purple-bound book and know that the Aspen Clinic, with a little help from fitbook, helped them achieve happier, healthier lifestyles - and possibly saved their lives.”

Barbie, we are so confident they will! you and Steve are such an inspiration, making a difference in the lives of thousands of people, and we are so honored to be your fitness + nutrition journal of choice. thank you so much for including us in your Aspen Clinic toolbox!

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Melissa Mazerole
Melissa Mazerole

September 25, 2017

do you have to by premade meals and how much does it coast


September 09, 2017

Do u take Medicaid


May 04, 2017

What should I expect my first time there? Do they give you an appetite suppressant’s? Did he give you B 12 shots? What do you do to help me lose weight?
Demetra Washington
Demetra Washington

September 19, 2016

I need to loss so weight now

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