girl scout cookie workout

March 11, 2016

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this just in: evil does exist. how do we know? because someone decided it would be acceptable to stick Girl Scout cookie season directly ahead of spring break season. and we are not happy about it. we frown upon such insensitive timing. but we won’t be the party poopers and tell you not to eat them. after all, the Scouts need our support, and we are nothing if not supportive of our great nation’s next generation of goal-gettin’ girls. we will, however, make you work for those cookies. which is why we developed the first-ever Girl Scout cookie workout. you want some Thin Mints? drop + gimme 30! thinkin’ a couple Samoas might hit the spot? better get to sumo-squattin’! for each and every cookie, we’ve assigned an exercise to help burn it off, keeping you on-track just in time for spring break. so you can have your cookies and eat them long as you’re willing to work!


so were those Tagalongs worth it?? comment and let us know!

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Amy Guggino
Amy Guggino

March 17, 2016

Yes each cookie was worth it!!!!

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