LEAP outside your comfort zone: ClassPass edition

it’s leap day! here at fitlosophy, we know a thing or two about leaping. after all, it was just six months ago that our chief fitlosopher took a colossal leap outside her comfort zone when she packed up all her belongings and left her life (and her  friends + fave fitness peeps) in sunny socal to return home to her colorado roots. what's a gym-loving, fitness-freak, new-girl-in-town to do? enter ClassPass

what the heck is ClassPass, you ask? it’s a monthly membership that gives you access to workout classes in participating boutique fitness studios in your area without having to pay the often astronomical fees to join the studio before you’re even certain you enjoy the classes they offer. so basically you can taste the milk before you buy the cow. with thousands of classes to choose from in major cities across the u.s., including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts and more, zero contractual commitment, and monthly memberships starting at $55. the only "catch" (if you can call it that) is that you can only go to the same studio 3 times per month. but the beauty in that is this: it forces you (yep, you guessed it) to LEAP outside your comfort zone + try new things. this was the perfect solution for our chief's gym-dilemma (but more on her story later...).

then we got a crazy idea. we wanted to see what would happen if we pushed our very own sales + community creator nicole to take a leap out of her CrossFit-loving comfort zone and into a whole new world of exercise-class exploration.

here's what happened:

[nicole, why were you so excited to try ClassPass?]

i liked the idea of being able to bounce around between studios. i am totally the person to take advantage of “your first class is free!” offer whenever i see it, and usually never visit that location again because I don’t want to pay $175/mo to be a member at crossfit, $120 at a spin studio, $99 at a barre studio, and $199 at a pilates studio. i know there’s always the option of getting a membership to a big-box gym where they have all those classes, but i love the quaint boutique-y atmosphere of studios and the small class sizes, and that each ClassPass location specializes in that one activity. and since i moved recently and was in the process of shopping around for a new gym, the timing was perfect!

[what did your typical workout routine consist of pre-ClassPass?]

CrossFit. CrossFit. CrossFit. have i told you that i do CrossFit? do you do CrossFit? what’s your fran time? i was that girl. i even met my boyfriend at CrossFit. up until I joined ClassPass, i was doing CrossFit religiously for about two years. i still go to CrossFit classes on ClassPass when i can, but i’ve taken it down from four times a week to one, sometimes zero. it’s been nice to take a break and remind myself that i like yoga and spin classes. i feel totally rejuvenated in my fitness life, and that makes me happy.

[how many different classes have you tried that you wouldn't have otherwise?]

i’ve attended 28 classes in six weeks. i had never taken a barre class before ClassPass, and now i’m newly obsessed with it. i went to my first class thinking, “alright, I can probably overhead squat all the skinny little girls in this class. this is going to be cake.” so. wrong. my muscles were shaking three minutes into the class. i was sore for days and i just kept thinking, "what the heck happened in there?” oh yeah, i made my body do something totally new and now it’s adapting. i like to be challenged, and the fact that doing these itsy-bitsy little pulses left me more sore than a heavy squat day really got me goin'!

[so it sounds like Classpass has really switched up your workout routine! are you loving this leap??]

definitely! my workout routine has changed because now i don’t have a routine. i am constantly switching it up, and it’s kept me SO engaged with my workout regimen. every sunday when i’m filling out my workout plan for the week in my fitbook, i have my ClassPass app open so i can go ahead and schedule my classes for the week. i’m switching it up daily, and pushing myself to try new things. i’ve walked into about 15 new studios in the past 6 weeks, so i’m getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable. i’ve made a few friends, and seen lots of new smiling faces. it’s been awesome!

nicole took a big, fat leap outside her comfort zone, and boy did it pay off! are you ready to take the leap this leap day? check out ClassPass for yourself! you just might fall in love (with your workout)!

wanna hear more about how our chief fitlosopher's love affair with ClassPass? stay tuned - that's next in our comfort-zone leapin' ClassPass series. 

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