red alert: we are MORE than the # on the scale.

eating disorders. those 2 words may make you a tad bit uncomfy, but truth be told: we don't care. if we shy away from difficult conversations + touchy topics, how will we ever make an impact? eating disorders. we talk about them because millions upon millions of women (and men) suffer from disordered eating at some point in their lives. we talk about them because by the tender age of 6, many little girls will already be expressing concerns about their weight. we talk about them because we’ve witnessed far too many beautiful people, inside and out, ruthlessly tear themselves down for not fitting into a certain pair of pants. we talk about them because this is why we do what we do.

we hear you. we’ve been there too. here we are in the health + fitness profession, writing words about loving yourself and appreciating the amazing gifts your body has to offer at any shape, words that we hope and pray will really resonate with you. meanwhile, we struggle too. because we're human. our chief fitlosopher has and is very open about her 7-year battle with eating disorders - not for pity's sake; in fact, she's grateful for it. "without my struggle i would have never found my strength," she boldly proclaims. in fact, that struggle is her why behind fitlosophy

WE are in this together. WE’ve struggled with eating disorders, with body dysmorphia, with looking in the mirror and hating the reflection we see; a reflection that’s so often interpreted as something wildly different than the beautiful reality staring back at us. WE struggle daily with reminding ourselves of our own inspirational words. but the beauty of this ongoing struggle is that by sharing these trials, WE have the power to turn things around for so many others who may be struggling with the same things and just need to know they aren’t alone. there is help. there is hope. you can do this. WE can do this. #weareMOREthan 

to bring awareness for national eating disorder awareness week, we're sharing this google hangout that is near + dear to our chief fitlosopher’s heart. joined by fitness entrepreneur (and dear friend) michelle myers, triple elite BeachBody coach, as well as founder of Cross Training Couture and She Works His Way, angela touches on the tough stuff, including:  

  • fitspiration: is it inspiring or body shaming?
  • social media’s role in body image issues
  • 6 myths behind eating disorders
  • the fitness industry: helping or harming?
  • how to take back control: action items

do you struggle with valuing your worth? do us a favor: set aside some time to watch this inspiring chat. it could be one of the most important hours of your life. if you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder, visit NEDA to see how you can get help.  then, be brave...comment below...our chief fitlosopher + michelle are BOTH big on prayer. if you need support, prayer + love, take just a small step + share below. 

WE got this.
WE heart you.

the fitlosophy team 


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