top 5 (red) wines under $12: drinking for heart health

in vino veritas
: in wine, there is truth.
know what else is in (red) wine? a whole oak-
barrel-load of antioxidants.  but just because it's heart-healthy doesn't mean you can drink to your little heart's content - you still need to keep portions in check. [1 serving = 5oz = 120 calories].  enter our cute little red food scalewhich comes in oh-so-nifty for measuring my perfectly-portioned 5oz pours. this, my friends, is the most brilliant use of my food scale: weighing wine. and measuring my 1oz of nightly dark chocolate. yes, nightly. (don't judge.) 

you may have known a good red vino is great for your ticker, but did you know that it also doesn't have to break the bank? for heart month (and in honor of national drink wine day today,'s a day!) as your chief fitlosopher, it's my duty (and honor) to share with you my top 5 (red) vinos under $12:  

[apothic red]
i'm not gonna lie. i bought this one because it was red. and it had an "a" on the label. "a is for angela." or apothic. or absolutely amazing. okay amazing might be overselling it a bit, for $10 this ten-buck-chuck is quite a tasty find. it's also my go-to in a pinch when i need a cheap(er) but reliable bottle that most people will love. not quite as bold as a cab, but not quite as sweet as a pinot, it's a good california blend that pairs perfectly with chocolate. did i mention i heart chocolate?

[apothic dark]
speaking of chocolate, this similar-but-different apothic goes to the dark side. chocolate, that is. pardon me while i get a little wine-snobby on you, but the apothic dark really does have undertones of dark chocolate + coffee, which if you know anything about me: coffee, wine, chocolate? it's a love triangle. 

[ergo rioja]
esto es muy bueno rioja. oh, oops. no habla español? translation: "this rioja is very good." and rioja means red. so, obvi. made from tempranillo grapes, this spanish red wine is a bit on the dry side, but still bold and full o'flavor. this is my go to with chips + guac, btw. quanto costa? $11.

[avalon cab]
i'm a cab girl. california cabs, specifically. yes, having lived there for 14 years, i know my wines + have tasted every variety of vino. and i can tell you that for me, cabernet sauvignon was love at first sip - and a love affair that is still going strong. good cabs can be quite pricey, but this avalon is an affordable, every day wine that i love to sip with steak. or chocolate. or just 'cause. typical of cabs, it's big and bold. i mean, it's no silver oak, but for a mere $11, it's quite a catch.

[paccamora nero d'avola]
i'm italian. okay, only 1/4, but i'd like to think i'm all italiana. but when it comes to vino, this signorina doesn't dig chianti, the wine most people think of when it comes to italian wines. i love the region - amore tuscano - but not the vino. barolo? brunello? si. si. si. those are two of my absolute fave wines ever - and they come at a price of at least $50 per bottle. so on my last eat/pray/drink tour d'italia, mia famiglia introduced me to nero d'avola, a dark wine from the sicilian region down south.  just like italians, this wine is sweet with a healthy dose of spice - at an affordable $11 price. prego.

so now you have 5 wines to fit any budget, but bonus: it boosts heart health. how, you ask? the resveratrol in red wine helps prevent heart disease by increasing your body’s good cholesterol, kicking bad cholesterol to the curb, protecting the lining of the blood vessels in your ticker + thwarting blood clots. so drink up, buttercup (in moderation of course)! just one 5-ounce serving is all you need to reap those heart-healthy benefits.  

wanna know something? i'm sipping a bold red as i write this. what can i say? this is vino-inspired. in honor of national wine day, pour yourself a glass...and cheers to heart health!

with all my HEART,



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February 18, 2016

This will come in handy. Thanks. Happy Nat’l Drink Wine Day!

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