4 healthy relationships everyone should have

so it’s valentine’s day - the time of year we celebrate love and give the relationships in our lives their due reverence, whether they be friend or flame. but while sweethearts may come and go, some relationships are always worth going the distance for. here are four healthy relationships everyone should have:

[fall in love with your body]

if only i were thinner, i would’ve gotten that promotion. if my stomach were flatter, he would’ve loved me more. if i weighed less, i’d finally feel good about myself. sound familiar? news flash: if you’re waiting around for your body to define your self-worth, you’ll spend your whole life waiting. the truth is, no body will ever be good enough if you don’t believe you are good enough. instead, adopt an attitude of gratitude toward your body. give it major props for all the amazing things it can do. take the time each day to write down one or two things you appreciate about it (we have a special spot for this very practice in our pretty, little fitspiration journals!). focus on how you feel more than how you look. for the love of all things holy, stop comparing your body to that of a 5’10” supermodel, and opt out when your girlfriends are all bashing their own bodies.

good rule of thumb: never say something to yourself about your body that you wouldn’t say to your best friend about hers. be nice to yourself. you are good enough, and your body is an amazingly unique + wonderful gift. worship it as such.




[become friends with the scale]

many people, especially women, fear the scale. they have a specific goal-weight in mind that is often unrealistic, becoming fixated on that one arbitrary number. then, when the number on the scale doesn’t match up, the shame spiral ensues. the fact is, the scale is a great tool for weight-loss and weight management, but it’s not the be-all + end-all. there are so many numbers that matter just as much, if not more than the one on the scale. know what else? that all-encompassing ideal-weight you’ve been obsessing over: chances are, it’s not reflective of where your body naturally wants to be. so instead of shaming yourself and dreading stepping up on that scale, set realistic, achievable goals and focus on progress, not perfection. our goal-weight body scale was developed according to this very principle. it’s not about the number - it’s about the evolution.

maintained your weight this week? high five! you lost 1 pound instead of the 5 you wanted? go, girl! you’re on your way! use the scale as a mile-marker for your marathon, and just enjoy the run.

[develop a fondness for food]

it’s time you and food came to a mutual understanding. food is not your enemy. it’s your nourishment, your sustenance, your fuel. it should be viewed as the pleasure-giving + life-sustaining necessity that it is. of course you should respect your body by feeding it healthfully and giving it what it needs to thrive - plenty of fruits + veggies, lots of water - but there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging here and there. people who have healthy relationships with food know that no food is forbidden - they allow themselves the occasional treats in moderation, and they don't obsess over calorie-counting. practice mindful eating - listen to your body and its cues, then stop eating when you're satiated, but not full. always eat breakfast - this will keep your blood-sugar stable and prevent binge-eating. practice portion control - serve up your meals on a salad plate rather than a standard dinner plate for automatic portion control (we may be biased, but our fitportions plate is our personal fave). don’t keep temptation foods in the house, but don't snub them altogether - if you love ice cream, hit up the ice cream shop for a single scoop every now and then. don’t beat yourself up for ordering the fries - if you had a big, indulgent lunch, eat a lighter dinner that night. it’s all about balance.  

[go gaga for the gym]

ahhhh the gym. this can easily become a love-hate relationship if you let it - you love how it makes you feel afterward, but you dread actually going. pro tip: don’t force yourself into exercises you don’t love. not a runner? step off the treadmill + try a spinning class. can’t sit still? opt for kickboxing instead of yoga. if you love your workout, you’ll be a lot more motivated to do it each day, and you’ll ultimately wind up seeing the gym in a rosier light. think of your daily sweat sesh as your “me time” - use it as your time to reflect and unwind, removed from all the pressures and responsibilities of daily life, like work and kids. don’t beat yourself up -

so your workout was lame today, you ended up bailing after 15 minutes. that's ok. you showed up and you did the best you could. 

always have a goal in mind for your workouts, then attach a reward to achieving that goal. this is why our fitbook is so effective. if your end-game is fitting into that little black dress, resolve to treat yourself to a new pair of heels to wear with it once you've reached your goal. you'll be a lot more likely to be consistent with your workouts when you have a carrot dangling in front of you.  

so there you have it, fit peeps - four healthy relationships that will stand the test of time and enrich your life immeasurably. happy valentine's day, we heart you! 

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