orange + blue: healthy super bowl snacks [go broncos!]

February 06, 2016


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have you heard? my beloved broncos are taking on the carolina kitty cats in super bowl 50 + yours truly couldn't be more thrilled. with 2 titles under our helmets, what better year to take home a third + send mr. manning off into the sunset, you know...elway-style. even if you don't share my love of the denver broncos (sorry, not sorry), odds are you partake in the super bowl sunday snackapalooza, catch a sneak peak of the overpaid, often stupid, sometimes entertaining commercials, and perhaps even catch a little football. well, you're in luck. i've got 3 tips to kick off super bowl 50:

1. root for the broncos. (duh)

2. fit in a quick workout, go to church (and pray for the broncos) + then for bonus points do this super-fun commercial break workout

3. whip up these healthy orange + blue snacks before game time.

there’s a lot to love about orangeblue (as if you needed a better reason than the broncos!). turns out orangeblue foods are jam-packed with all kinds of nutrients to keep your health game strong.

[get the blues] blue foods are blue because of a phytochemical called anthocyanin - the darker the hue, the higher the anthocyanin concentration. these antioxidants help keep your blood pressure normal and your heart healthy, helping ward off heart disease by putting the kibosh on clot formation. they may also help lower your risk of developing cancer. so, in a nutshell, the bluer, the better!  

[the juicy truth about orange] oranges are well-known for their immunity-boosting vitamin C, but orange foods are also brimming with beta-carotene antioxidants, as well as other carotenoids that the body converts into vitamin A, an essential nutrient for optimum vision and immune function, as well as tip-top skin and bone health. beta-carotenes in some orange foods may also help prevent certain types of cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease. orange you glad we told you? (sorry, so bad.)

wanna put these theories to the test with some orange + blue munchies for the big game? nosh on some bronco blue chips + kicky mango salsa while you watch the broncos dominate: [click the recipe to open + save in pinterest]

want something healthy to kick your sweet tooth to the curb? whip up our quick, little blueberry mandarin parfait as a post-bronco-win celebratory snack. [click the recipe to open + save in pinterest]

closing thoughts: if you can't tell, i heart the broncos. so much that WHEN the broncos win super bowl 50, i got this bright idea to give all my fab fitbookers a promo code to save 50% on their entire purchase for 1 hour only. yeah, my team thinks i'm nuts, but whatever. what better way to celebrate? wanna shop pre-game? use code MANNING18 to save 18% through 02/13/16. 'cause manning rocks. go get 'em #18! 

ready, break.


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