super bowl 50 commercial-break workout: pssst...go broncos!

even if you're not a broncos fan (although here at fitlosophy, we have all been informed by our chief fitlosopher that we are in fact broncos fans), chances are you’ll be tuning in to watch them take on the panthers in super bowl 50. why? two words: commercial breaks. advertisers know they’ll have the attention of 112 million viewers, so they have no problem whatsoever shelling out the $5 million it takes to secure one 30-second spot during the big game. and if those numbers seem staggering, here are a few more to wrap your brain around:

2,400: the number of calories your average joe consumes during the super bowl alone - more than an entire day’s recommended intake

11.2 million: the number in pounds of potato chips consumed during the game

49.2 million: the number of cases of beer sold on super bowl sunday

20: the percentage increase in antacid sales the day after the big game

47: the percentage of super bowl viewers who are female

46.9: the percentage of female viewers watching solely for the commercials (ok, we made this one up, but it seems legit, no?)

worried all those potato chips + heinekens are goin’ straight to your heiny? here are 8 exercises to get your sweat on + burn off those beers during commercial breaks:


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