catching up with #fabfitbooker kelly: another 15 pounds gone!

when we first met law student kelly in october, she was just six weeks into her very first fitbook
, resulting in a 15-pound (and counting!) weight loss. after struggling with her weight for years, trying weight watchers and my fitness pal to no avail, she finally found the right fit (we can’t help it, we’re punny like that) with our little fitbook. the accountability factor of having to write down everything she eats, coupled with the online fitbook community really resonated with her. now halfway through her second fitbook, she’s still going strong, another 15 pounds - and countless inches - gone!

we were so excited to hear about kelly’s progress, we just had to schedule a catch-up sesh for a little q+a:

[how's it going? any progress since we last caught up with you in october?]

i am down 30 pounds now and so many inches, and i have officially lost one clothing size!

[wow. that’s amazing - nice job!! in what way do you feel fitbook has most contributed to your weight-loss success?]

fitbook has been such a huge factor in my success. i have days where I want to deviate from the plan and not track anything, and then i see that blank page staring back at me, and it kicks my booty back into gear! not only has the physical book been a great factor, but the support i receive on social media from everyone at fitlosophy is just so amazing and heartwarming. it truly has been a game changer for me and a huge help in staying on-plan!


[yayyyy! that is so great to hear!! any setbacks at all?]

i struggled around the holidays with all the food and christmas cookies. it was a challenge keeping my portions under control, and i put back on 5 pounds. then i left to study abroad for a few weeks in hong kong, and i just made it a goal to be as active and adventurous as i could while i was gone. i walked everywhere while i was there and planned a few hikes and day trips. i walked about 10 miles a day! so that, in combination with trying to watch my portions definitely helped me work those extra pounds (cookies) off pretty quickly and get back on track!

[nicely done! so what are you most excited about as it pertains to this ongoing transformation?]

i'm most excited about just continuing to get fitter. each week, i can do a few more steps, a few more reps, a higher weight, and i just love that feeling. i feel an athlete growing inside of me and i never want to let that go. i’m just really proud of myself! i still have a long way to go, but i am very happy. :)

[what's your big goal(s) for 2016?]

right now, my big goal for 2016 is to be two pant sizes smaller by my MBA graduation in may!


[can we get a round of applause for kelly being so authentic + transparent in her journey?]  
* * *  cue the applause * * * 

well, kelly, you are well on your way, girl! we’re so excited to watch you progress and to be a part of your goal-getting. you are truly a fitspiration to all! because this is real life, and in a real-life weight-loss journey there will be setbacks, there will be cheat days, there will be challenges. but like we always say, we sell hope, not hype. if you put in the work, you will see the results, and all your hard work sure is paying off!

inspired by kelly’s ongoing progress? have questions for our fabfitbooker? let her know in the comments below!
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