stop counting calories - try this 1 food hack to lose weight [+ 3 quick recipes]

ohhhh food scale, where have you been all my life?? katy here, your resident fitlosophy foodie. i’m gonna go ahead and get real for a minute. i think i’m in love. but first, i have a confession to make: i’m not a calorie-counter, i don’t track macros (IIFYM whaaaat??), i’ve never weighed my food - all seemingly scandalous admissions for an employee of a health- and fitness-based business. so when i first got my little red digital food scale last year as just one of my fitlosophy employment perks, i must admit, i didn’t give it its due reverence.

i eat pretty healthfully, so i’ve never really felt a need to do things differently...then i gained a little weight - not a lot, just enough to make my pants a bit snug. a mini muffin, if you will. i knew it was time to get serious, switch things up a little, and portion control is always the first place to start. i needed a refresher on proper serving sizes. enter my handy-dandy portion distortion digital food scale, and the start of my red-hot digital love affair.

with this little crimson beauty in my life, i can now prep pre-portioned snacks and lunches like a boss. three ounces of chicken? check! one ounce of nuts? check! 20 grams of dark chocolate? check! and bonus: it makes it easier to recognize a legit serving size when you’re eating out and don't have your scale handy (although it's so slim and lightweight, I maaaaaay have been known to bust it out of my purse at my local bistro).  

so how did i take full advantage of everything my food scale has to offer, while scaling back my waistline? take a peek at my favorite lunch-prep routine. with just one small package of chicken thighs and a few other simple, nutritious ingredients, my fabulous food scale and i can churn out three tasty, properly portioned lunches for quick grab-and-go meals throughout the week in no more than an hour on a lazy sunday. just sauté up your chicken (about ¾ of a pound) in a little olive oil over medium heat, about 7-10 minutes per side, then chop it up and use as a base for these 3 asian-inspired dishesto weigh out your ingredients, just set a bowl on the scale, choose your desired unit of measure (g, oz, ml, lbs), press "tare" to zero out the weight as you add each ingredient to the bowl until desired weight is reached.

[teriyaki chicken bowl]

3 oz cooked, chopped chicken + 100g cooked (45g uncooked) brown rice + 77g steamed broccoli + 16g low-sodium teriyaki sauce 

[asian chicken lettuce wraps]

3 oz cooked, chopped chicken + 3 large bibb lettuce leaves + 25g shredded carrot + sunflower sprouts, perfectly portioned out in a fitportions plate

[thai chicken spinach salad]

in this order, grab your fitfuel mixer and layer 15g low-sodium thai peanut dressing + 3 oz cooked, chopped chicken + 75g shelled edamame + 45g chopped raw broccoli + 25g shredded carrot + 60g chopped raw baby spinach. then just shake + go!

wanna join me + dial in your nutrition? stop by your local Walgreens and pick up your very own little red food scale to get your portions in check and your goals on track! this is one love affair that'll go the distance. 


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