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often times, we goal getters focus on what we need to achieve + forget to reflect on what we've accomplished. always charging forward is admirable - but not if you're overlooking the little joys along the way!  so as we wrap a bow on 2015, we wanted to take a moment to reflect. 

2015 was a pretty blessed year at fitlosophy:
 new sold-out products, the privilege of watching fit@school inspire a whole new generation of fitbookers, the joy of giving back with an appearance on The Doctors, and now a chance to help spread happy + healthy across the u.s.a. as our products appear in a Walgreens near you (and you, and you, and you). join us as we catch up with our chief fitlosopher, reflecting on the successes of 2015 + looking toward what lies ahead in the new year!


[what was your favorite fitlosophy moment in 2015?]


must i choose one? this year really was full of amazingness for our team. but IF i must choose one thing, it would definitely be finding out that we secured placement on a holiday/new year’s endcap at Walgreens. WALGREENS!  i flew out to meet with the buyers and was blown away by how much they loved our products. in the retail world, endcaps are like the golden ticket because it’s such high visibility, you have the opportunity to get your brand right in front of the customer. we’ve done a few endcaps with target and had great success – but this one is about 4x as big in terms of stores. 5289 stores, to be exact!  

[Walgreens?! score!! give us an inside peek into what it’s like to land a deal like that.]

the funniest part about closing this deal was that when they called to issue the purchase order back in september, they initially said it would be for 4200 stores, based on a preliminary count of stores they felt would fit our target demographic. but of course, i aim high. i wanted ALL 8000+ stores! so i (half) jokingly said, “that sounds good...and if you want to tack on another thousand when you’re issuing the purchase order, it won’t hurt my feelings.” we got the order that week and the store count was 5289!! one of my tactics in business (and in life) is to always ask for what i want. hearing “no” is the worst that can happen, and more often than not, i’ve heard “yes” - even when i thought it was a stretch!

[let's talk more about this deal. why is Walgreens so huge for you?]

fitlosophy’s mission is to change the shape of our world – literally. our ambition has never been to just help the fit get fitter. not everyone’s goal is to rock 6-pack abs, and frankly, not everyone can afford a $50/month gym membership or a $200 fitness tracker. wellness should be accessible to everyone, and with a Walgreens on every corner, we’re able to reach a broader demographic of customers, offering affordable products that really work.

[how are you spreading the word all across the u.s.a. about this big launch?]

to truly give back to the customers who make fitlosophy possible, we’re actually
launching a “healthy goal-gettters across the u.s.a.” contest where we will pick one goal getter from each state in the u.s. to win a $50 Walgreens gift card. all we want is to see our customers in the stores, snapping pics to post on social media and sharing how they’re going to #KICKSTARThealthygoals in 2016 (see the official rules here). this is our way of promoting a healthy, positive approach to setting goals (not resolutions!) and getting our customers out there in all the Walgreens stores to see our products proudly perched on the shelves!  

[if you had to choose three words to sum up how you feel each time you see a new product on the shelves, what would they be?]

as you know, i’m not a woman of few words, but if i had to sum up how it feels it would be relief, joy + hope. our products will hit Walgreens shelves on 12/27/15…and to be honest, i’m anxious! there’s always a sense of relief seeing them on the shelf because it may just look like products sitting in a shipper to customers, but for us, it’s been six months in the making, from the initial meeting back in july to making sure all the items were packed precisely in their shippers and delivered on time to the distribution centers. so 12/27/15 is a day we’ve been looking forward to for a while!

and i have to admit, i do beam with joy when i see the products. earlier on in the business, i was overly critical. i remember seeing our products on an endcap at target and my first thoughts were: "the sticker’s not straight”…”why is the shipper all banged up??”…”why are the fitbooks hanging crooked?”. over the years, however, i’ve learned that there is SO much in business that i cannot control, and while that attention to detail is part of why we’ve been successful, i realize now how important it is to just find joy in the successes and not sweat the small stuff.

lastly, hope. it may seem crazy, but i pray over my products – that they change a life, even just one, in a very real way. as much fun as it is to land big deals like this, none of it would matter if it doesn’t truly impact a life. i often say that we sell hope, not hype.

[so 2016 looks like it should be a pretty exciting year for fitlosophy. what are you most looking forward to in the new year?]

obviously, i’m excited to see how our products perform in Walgreens and what that means for future placement. they’ve been a phenomenal partner to work with, so my hope is that our products really speak to the consumer – and ultimately sell well. i don’t want to share TOO much of what’s coming, because half the fun is the anticipation, but other initiatives we have ahead for 2016 include enhancing our digital-content product offerings, expanding our brand into the supplement space in a healthy way, and continuing to disrupt the fitness industry with our mantra: live life fit.  

so what are you waiting for, #goalgetter?? head on over to your local Walgreens at the corner of happy + healthy and stock up on fitlosophy essentials for a chance to win, and #KICKSTARThealthygoals in 2016! find the location nearest you - and enter to win a $50 gift card to Walgreens!

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Laurie Mandato
Laurie Mandato

January 10, 2016

I love the concept and your message. Unfortunately I was late learning about you and your Goal Getter book was Sold Out! Wondering if you will be making it one of your new products that will be available year round?

Congratulations and wishing you continued success with your business!

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