#fabfitbooker lindsey: overcoming fear to regain her cheer (weight)

lindsey grew up in a healthy household. the daughter of an elite runner, she had a nutritious, well-rounded diet, was active in high-school sports, and even cheered in college. she was equipped with all the tools to live a healthful life, yet still, she struggled with body-image issues and bulimia throughout college. it wasn’t until law school that lindsey decided to address her disordered eating issues, but the stress of school was tough on her, both mentally and physically. before she knew it, she had gained 30 pounds. with her confidence shot and identity floundering, she knew she had to make a change.

after law school, lindsey got back down to a healthier weight, but her ultimate goal had always been to regain her cheering physique, the right way this time. no eating disorders, just good ol’ fashioned hard work. she tried journaling her progress in a blank notebook, but with no guidance or outline to follow, she felt daunted and lost interest.  

enter fitbook. specifically designed to help guide its user through 3 months of fitness and nutrition tracking, it was just the tool she needed to help navigate her toward her goal. and its 12-week format worked perfectly in conjunction with the 90-day Oxygen Magazine challenge, a goal that she recently conquered.

fitbook in her own words:

fitbook has worked for me because of its format. The week-by-week setting allows me to set short-term and long-term goals, give myself a reward, and track my progress. It takes the guesswork out of tracking both workouts and nutrition.  Setting goals is scary business.  I think everyone can relate to being afraid of failure.  The fitbook helped alleviate that fear because it was the tool I needed to stay on track.
It is so rewarding to go back into the book at look at what weight I used last week for a lift and then beat that weight! I love telling myself that I've reached my goals at the end of each week, so I'm constantly motivated. The biggest joy for me has been seeing my love handles shrink! 

I have fallen in love with the process of tracking my workouts and my meals. 

Each Sunday I sit down and plan all of my meals and workouts for the entire week and put them into the fitbook I look forward to setting goals so that I can crush them all week long!”

now having lost more than 12 pounds and countless inches all over her body, lindsey is at a healthy weight and within the range of her cheering days, fitbooking and goal-crushing her way to the finish-line. you are the epitome of a goal-getter, lindsey, and we are so proud to be a part of your success story!  

editor's note: lindsey's story holds a special spot in the heart of our chief fitlosopher who, after battling eating disorders for many years, created fitbook to help others positively take control of their health through journaling and setting goals. if you or someone you know struggles with disordered eating, watch this google hangout to hear angela share her story + find inspiration in the process. 



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