10-minute turkey-day workout

happy Thanksgiving, fab fitbookers! nicole here, your resident fitness fanatic + certified personal trainer at fitlosophy. can we all agree to ditch the i-might-as-well-eat-everything-in-site-and-skip-my-workouts-i'll-just-start-again-in-january attitude? yes? ok great!

now that we've all agreed to stick to our goals through the holidays, here is a 10-minute turkey-day workout to help YOU (not the turkey) feel the burn this thanksgiving!

[equipment needed:]
stop watch + chair/bench

do each exercise for one minute + try to get as many reps into those 60 seconds - it will be over before you know it!

a few options to tweak:
  • don't go too deep on your squats if your knees/hips bother you - or hold for a second at the bottom to make them harder!
  • try push-ups + planks on your knees to make them easier - or on a decline to challenge yourself.
  • with your tricep dips, the farther your feet are from your body, the more challenging they will be!
  • don't forget to flip sides @ 30 seconds with your side planks!

if that was too easy for you, do it a second time and try to get more reps in for each minute.

enjoy your holiday, fit friends!

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