7 ways your tax refund can boost your health

April 18, 2017


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let’s face it, tax season can definitely be a drag. who wants to spend an entire afternoon (or weekend) digging up receipts + painstakingly itemizing deductions? it’s mundane work, but it must be done. plus, this tedious task can have one awesome silver (or should we call it green?) lining: a little extra moolah for your spending pleasure. and what better way to spend your hard-earned cash than by reinvesting it in your own health?? if you're reading this rather annoyed because there's no refund in your future, well still take a gander. here are our favorite ways to invest in your health this year.  

[join a healthy-meal subscription service]
been too busy with work or kids to eat as healthfully as you’d like? a healthy-meal subscription service may be just what the doctor ordered. the menus are seasonal and shift weekly, meaning mealtime boredom is banished from the get-go. and with the meals all planned out and the ingredients and recipes delivered right to your doorstep, all you have to do is throw everything together, and dinner is served! refund’s not juicy enough to pay the bill? pick up a new fitbook and use the meal-planning pages to take control of your daily diet yourself. after all, we have (free) recipes galore to populate your weekly plan. 

[find a good fitness tracker]
results don’t lie: people who track their movement throughout the day and thus more regularly get in their 10k steps, lose more weight. now that you have some cash to play around with, there’s no better time to take the plunge and purchase that fancy schmancy fitness tracker all your fit friends seem to have. check out our top picks to wear your heart(rate) on your sleeve here. no refund? no problem! our little red fitstep pedometer clips effortlessly onto your belt or waistband and tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled - all for a mere $12.95.   

[upgrade your lunchbox]
still packin’ a brown bag? that’s cute. but we both know you can do better. not only is this little meal management bag from 6-pack a major upgrade in the looks department (yep, she sure is a stunner), you literally cannot put a price on the functionality. and with enough space for three 20-ounce meals, a water bottle, protein shaker, and nifty tray to organize your vitamins,  those major marathon work sessions at the office won’t throw you off your game and force you into downing fast food. see? priceless.

[invest in a high-powered blender]
when you have a good blender, the world just makes sense. there’s pretty much no limit to the delicious AND nutritious concoctions you can whip up - everything from veggie-loaded green smoothies and pureed soups to homemade nut butters + dairy-free soft serve. it’s an investment for sure, but one that pays off in spades, as you’ll save money on those daily visits to your local juice bar, and you’ll be the proud owner of a truly reliable and versatile piece of kitchen equipment that will keep you blending for years to come. can’t swing a vitamix, but still gotta have those protein shakes? our fitfuel mixer may not have the horsepower, but it can still shake up some pretty tasty options.

[add to your home gym]
been eyeing an elliptical or a spin bike to round out your home gym options? if the price is right, go for it! the money you’ll save on a gym membership alone will have that new equipment paying for itself in no time. refund less than impressive this year? it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. our super cushy fitmats are a cost-efficient way to jazz up your gym without breaking the bank.

[buy sessions at your favorite exercise studio]
love your local pilates studio, but can’t afford to commit to a monthly membership? this is the perfect time to stock up on some sessions to use throughout the year. talk about the gift that keeps on giving! already in love with your gym? splurge on some personal training sessions to switch up your routine and learn some new moves. not sure which workout floats your boat? invest in ClassPass to find your perfect fit.

[test for food sensitivities]
suffering from digestive issues, skin problems or period pains? the answer may be right in front of your face...on your fork. food sensitivities can cause all kinds of inflammation throughout your body, causing everything from acne to chronic illnesses. and the worst part is, you may not even have a noticeable reaction to consuming the foods, so the sensitivity will often persist for years unchecked. getting tested will allow you to heal your body from within simply by making a few dietary changes. and since testing can be expensive, there’s no better time to invest in one than when you have an extra little chunk of change in your pocket.  one we love: Pinner Test. bonus: logging your meals in fitbook actually helps you pinpoint food sensitivities as well.


so whether you scored a refund or not this year, there’s always a way to treat yoself while upping your health. how are you spending your tax refund this year? share in the comments below!

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