6 things you should be doing before summer

as much as we love to preach that our m.o. is all about keeping up with our health goals year-round (which is true), we all know that the thought of baring all in a bathing suit has the potential to strike fear into the hearts of even the most diligent year-round exercisers. but the standard approach of a couple weeks of extreme exercise + crash dieting is not the way to slay this widespread challenge. that’s why we came up with 6 simple, approachable things you should include in your daily routine over the next 6 weeks to give you a jump on summer - all of which we emphasize in our new 6-week COMEBACK program. try implementing a new one each week + come summertime, you’ll be sittin’ pretty with a solid health-routine in full swing. (just ask our inaugural group of COMEBACKers!)

1 [take on a new challenge]
whether it’s dabbling with intermittent fasting or a round of whole30 or committing to a new workout program, find a challenge + pledge you’ll see it through to the end. not only will it give you a jumpstart toward summer toning, there’s no confidence booster quite as effective as conquering a good challenge.

COMEBACKer quote: “i can’t believe i’m on week 6 of the comeback. now i know with one foot in front of the other and focusing on small things, the bigger things are a little easier to handle.” - COMEBACKER jennifer

2 [drink 64 oz of water every. single. day.]
and that’s the minimum. the formula goes like this: divide your weight (in pounds) by half - that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking each + every day. (example: 140 pounds = 70 oz water daily) when you’re drinking plenty of water each day, you’ll notice lots of positive changes: clearer skin, better digestion, less bloat, increased energy, fewer snack attacks throughout the day (fun fact: oftentimes what we perceive as hunger is actually thirst!). invest in a reusable water bottle or tumbler you love + sip on it throughout the day. you can even make a deal with yourself that for each week you reach your daily water goal, you treat yourself to a little prize.

COMEBACKer quote: “drinking enough water has always been an issue for me. when i did the COMEBACK, in conjunction with a fitbook lite - which was perfect because it was 6 weeks - i set water goals for myself that i had to follow just like everything else in the program. just woke up? 16 oz water. about to eat? 8 oz water. finished my workout? 16 oz water. non-negotiable. then i sipped on water throughout the day. i reached my goal every single day, and i swear, my skin has never looked better!” - COMEBACKer katy

3 [start a food journal]
this will give you valuable insight into both your eating habits, as well as your body’s reaction to the different foods you eat each day. can’t beat that bloat? keeping notes after meals can help you identify the culprit. you could have an undiagnosed food sensitivity. the more you know, the better you can do. bonus: studies have shown that people who keep a food journal when they’re trying to drop a few lbs lose twice as much weight as those who do not. you can use a fitbook lite, which is oh-so-perfectly 6 weeks, or even just a blank notebook.

COMEBACKer quote: “spending a few minutes a day organizing my thoughts on paper made the biggest difference of all!! i decided to step back on the scale after the first two weeks of the program and to my surprise, i had lost 5 pounds. for the first time in my life, i didn’t have to think about losing the weight. i focused on my body + soul first, and weight second.” - COMEBACKer laura

4 [move for 20-30 minutes each day - without fail]
it doesn’t have to be hardcore. you don’t have to run down to your nearest crossfit gym or bootcamp class. tiny changes can add up to huge gains. even if it’s just an evening stroll around the neighborhood, get used to moving each day. and it doesn’t have to be all at once either. if you can’t carve out 20-30 minutes at a time, break it up into two or three intervals. that’s why we developed the 6-week COMEBACK the way we did - with quick, efficient exercises broken up into sections that you can spread out throughout the day. not in the mood to fit in a workout? just go for a walk!

COMEBACKer quote: “i needed to learn to spend some time focusing on me and my needs not everyone else’s. i wanted a program where i could find no excuses not to fit 15-20 minutes of exercise into my day.” - COMEBACKER lisa

5 [exercise...your self-love muscles]
when we say “self love”, we’re not talkin’ bubble baths + spa days. we mean literally loving yourself. learn to love who you are, what you can do, how your body looks. and as with any skill, it takes practice. you’re not going to undo a lifetime’s worth of insecurities + negative self-talk with one little motivational quote. look in the mirror each morning + compliment yourself. write yourself love notes + stick 'em on the mirror. accept compliments with positive affirmation. there are a million different ways to show yourself some love, but the most important part is consistency. do it every single day. eventually, when that muscle gets worked enough, your subconscious self-talk will shift from negative to positive. and trust us, that shift will serve you well throughout a swimsuit-filled summer!

COMEBACKer quote: “this COMEBACK program is fun, modifiable, effective and can be done in so many places. the motivational group that comes along with the 6-week COMEBACK keeps me honest, real + is teaching me how to love myself through the steps of building a routine.” - COMEBACKER gretchen

6 [turn that attitude to gratitude]
you’ve heard us say this a lot - and for good reason. the benefits of gratitude are vast + varied: it makes us happier, healthier, more optimistic, less materialistic, better in interpersonal relationships + so on + so on. when you’re focused on all the things you have to be grateful for - a thriving garden, a career you love, those healthy babies, that great head o’ hair, shall we go on?? - you’re much less likely to sweat small, insignificant stuff like the cellulite you think is covering your thighs (psssst, we all have it, b-t-dubs) + much more likely to strut what your mama gave you in those short shorts this summer! pick up a gratitude journal that tickles your fancy, or download this nifty 1-pager with prompts to guide you + start jotting down two or three things each day that you're grateful for. 

COMEBACKer quote: “let me just say, this COMEBACK program is genius. i can’t tell you what a mind shift this is for me. feeling grateful.” - COMEBACKer christine

don’t let summer creep up on you this year! just one little step each week could be the difference between feeling meh or magnificent. what are you doing to prep for summer? share your seasonal secrets in the comments!

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