6 simple ways to slash your risk of breast cancer

for six years, we have been honored to contribute to the fight against breast cancer with fitbook PINK. with $4 per sale going to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, fitbook PINK was created in tribute to fitlosophy's own designer who lost her mother to a battle with breast cancer back in 2008. now, as we usher in breast cancer awareness month, we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion (and six years of giving back to a great cause) than sharing a few prevention pointers we’ve learned along the way. here are six simple ways to slash your risk of breast cancer:

1 [break a sweat] working out just 30 minutes per day can lower your risk of developing breast cancer by 50%. by lowering body fat, you also lower insulin and estrogen levels - both of which are tied to breast cancer. in addition, a recent study of 12,000 breast cancer patients found that regular exercise could reduce breast cancer recurrence by 24%, breast cancer deaths by 34%, and overall deaths by 41%. make sure you log your weekly workout plan in your fitbook PINK in advance. research has shown that people who write down their goals are 76% more likely to achieve them.

2 [eat your (cruciferous) veggies] getting in more than six servings per week of cruciferous veggies - things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale - is associated with a sharp reduction in breast cancer risk. crucifers contain glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing chemicals (the why behind that infamous smell) that break down to form biologically active compounds that have shown anti-cancer effects.

3 [up your omega-3s]  research shows that omega-3 deficiency is a common underlying factor for cancer. in fact, simply upping your intake of omega-3 fats may reduce your breast cancer risk by up to 32%. good sources of omega-3s: fish like sardines + salmon, and ground flax + sesame seeds (your body can better absorb their powerful phytonutrient “lignans” when they’re ground).

4 [back off the booze] studies have shown a link between drinking and breast cancer, especially in the 70% of tumors that are hormone-sensitive. try to limit yourself to no more than two to three alcoholic beverages per week - and make sure you keep those serving sizes in check. a proper portion of wine is 5oz, while a standard serving of beer is 12oz. keep the hard liquor to just 1.5oz. one simple way to keep it under control: weigh it out on a food scale so you’ll know what a serving looks like.

5 [maintain a healthy weight] studies show that overweight/obese women are more likely to develop breast cancer. why? breast cancer feeds on estrogen, and the more fat cells you have, the more estrogen there is making the rounds in your body. thus, maintaining a healthy weight is like telling breast cancer cells the buffet is closed.

6 [get plenty of zzz’s] during sleep, your body produces cancer-fighting melatonin, which triggers a downturn in estrogen production. since darkness encourages melatonin production, setting the tone for sound sleep with a dark room is crucial. if melatonin production is too low, estrogen levels rise, which could promote the growth of breast cancer. our tips for your best sleep: 86 the electronics at least an hour before bedtime, and employ natural sleep-aids like melatonin or valerian to help you get your snooze on. and make sure you’re keeping track of your hours logged each night in your fitbook.

feeling inspired to take charge of your breast health + give back to a great cause? we challenge you to not just get fitbook PINK for yourself, but gift one to another female friend. together we can make a difference in this fight against cancer! have you or someone you love been impacted by breast cancer? share below, fitbookers. 

lots of PINK love,
the fitlosophy ladies

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