how do you stack your snacks?



question: ever had a mid-day snack attack + found yourself woefully empty-handed? 

at fitlosophy, we know all too well: the struggle is real.

you want to make healthy choices, but good intentions are easily derailed when time is limited. between shuttling kids, putting in a full day's work, running errands to and fro, cooking meals, doing laundry, and....(i'm exhausted just thinking about it!) sometimes it’s all you can do to sneak in a quick 15-minute walk around the block, let alone having time to measure out the perfect healthy portion of trail mix!  which is why i, fitlosophy's in-house foodie + mom-of-3, was so pumped to test-drive the newest (and extremely popular, hello selling out in less than a day!?) member of our fit family.  

introducing the snackstak: our totally portable, super stackable, highly durable little munchie-toting containers, specially designed to make portion control + smart snacking a breeze. just pack your snacks in the four handy-dandy pre-portioned jars and hit the road. there’s even a removable handle to make it perfect to grab-and-go.

so, one might ask, what’s the snackstak packin’?

[2 tbsp jar] perfect for dips + nut butters

[¼ cup jar] ideal for nuts or dried fruit

[⅓ cup jar] awesome for a hard-boiled egg, scoop of protein powder or beef jerky perhaps [think protein]

[½ cup jar] excellent for fresh fruit or veggies

once i had this baby in my hands, i promptly began dreaming up ways to fill it. it took me less than five minutes to set myself up for a full day of smart snacking, goal-getter style.  

here's a glimpse into my day’s worth of healthy, delicious nibbles: 

[10:30am] it’s been a couple hours since breakfast + i could really use a little pick-me-up after my workout. my chopped hard-boiled egg with salt + pepper really hit the spot! bonus: protein will keep me full til' lunch!

[3:30pm] between my conference call, a looming work deadline + school pick-ups, i only had time for a light lunch. good thing i had bell pepper strips + hummus ready to roll when hunger set in this afternoon. it's a great way to sneak in a serving of veggies + give me a mid-afternoon boost! tip: i busted out my handly little food scale to measure exactly 1 serving + it fit perfectly!

[8:30pm] who doesn't crave a little something sweet after dinner? what shall i pair with my nightly green tea as i cozy up with my journal? well hello, dried apricots, don’t mind if i do! side note: nighttime snacking is a surefire way to derail your goals, so by planning your snacks out ahead of time, you are taking a preemptive strike against needless nightly noshing. 

and that was just one day. the options are endless. here's why i love my little pre-portioned partner in crime: 

  • no measuring out sticky nut butters or trail mix, both classic portion distortion culprits.
  • no plastic-bag waste.
  • no last-minute desperation junk-food.
  • no hangry episodes.
  • no wasteful, expensive impulse snack purchases. 

yep, i think i’m in love. i’m officially addicted. 


so, my fellow goal-getters. what would your perfect pre-portioned day o' snacks look like? share your ideal "day-in-the-life" in the comments below + share this post on facebook/twitter + tag us. one lucky winner will get hooked up with his or her very own previously-sold-out-but-now-back-in-stock snackstak

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