healthy crustless pint-size punkin' pies [option to make paleo!]

no thanksgiving day feast would be complete without a lil' pumpkin pie. nothing in this world can make me smile quite like the smell of mom baking pumpkin pies every year, borrowing my sweet italian grandmother's recipe. so leave it to me to tweak the recipe just a tad, because odds are by the time dessert rolls around you’ve already consumed some serious grub. not exactly a recipe for reaching your holiday health goals! 

well, here at fitlosophy, we think you should be able to have your pie and eat it too!

it's like committing an italian cardinal sin to make a family recipe health(ier), but i think my little crustless pint-size pumpkin treats might even trick gramma!  by removing the usual calorie-laden suspects (i’m lookin’ at YOU, sugar and pie crust!), you’re free to indulge in your thanksgiving day dessert sans guilt. i'm not one to count the calories, but just fyi, they clock in at about 100 each. i’d say that’s reason to give thanks! wanna make these into lil' paleo pumpkin pies? sub in 1/2c coconut milk for the evaporated milk + you're in business. vegan? sorry, you're on your own.

thanksgiving is all about spending time with your loved ones + honoring those timeless (and sometimes wacky) family traditions. share your favorite turkey day recipe in the comments below - we'd love to try 'em!

enjoy, my healthy holiday goal-getters!


p.s. try our pumpkin spice protein muffins to cure your pumpkin craving all month!

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