21 reasons to keep a gratitude journal.

November 05, 2015


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hey fab fitbookers - you know we love to challenge you (and ourselves) to #21days2change in order to break unhealthy habits (coffee overload....ahem, angela) and promote creating healthy new ones (h20 hydration). but what if one ridiculously simple habit could transform your life? enter #21days2change grateful edition where we journal with an attitude of gratitude for next 21 days. best part? no coffee-deprivation required. need a reason why you should put pen to paper and join? oh, you know we've compiled a creative collection of reasons why you should keep a gratitude journal. 21 of them, in fact. so please, peruse this list, pick up your pint-sized fitbook pen, and put pen to paper.


[1] grateful people are happy people. being intentional and choosing to focus on gratitude are traits of people who tend to report being happier than most

[2] happy hearts are healthier. studies have shown being grateful reduces blood pressure,  improves sleep + lowers risk for depression. 

[3] grateful for those zzz's. spending just 15 minutes jotting down sentiments of gratitude in a journal before bed may help you sleep better + longer.

[4reflect to relax. focusing intently on gratitude + positivity through journaling induces comfort + relaxation like no other. in other words: it’s some maaaaajor chicken soup for the soul.

[5] immunity boost. gratitude leads to optimism, which studies have shown boosts blood cell production. who needs a flu shot when you have gratitude??

[6] no negative nellies. studies find that daily gratitude is linked to lower levels of toxic emotions.  anger, envy, bitterness + resentment fall by the wayside when you’re focusing on the positive!

[7relationship remedy. taking a quick moment to jot down the thoughtful things a friend, spouse, or family member has done for you leads to improved levels of satisfaction in relationships. 

[8] connect with our Creator. come on now, you can’t help but feel closer to God when you’re taking the time each day to recognize + appreciate His gifts. don't just ask for favor - thank Him for it!

[9grateful - not green with envy.
gratitude reduces tendencies of comparison meaning grateful people are able to share joy in other people's accomplishments.

[10] you elevate your goal-getter game. in one recent study, people who were instructed to keep a gratitude journal reported greater goal achievement at the end of the study. you know we are all about some goal-getting over here!

[11] materialism doesn't matter. research shows that practicing gratitude inevitably shifts your focus more to the things that really matter in life - family, friends, the perfect little black dress. ok, maybe not the dress, but you get the gist.

[12] optimistic outlook. the world just seems brighter when you’re focusing on all the beauty it has to offer. ever heard that saying "you'll always find what you're looking for."? look for the good.

[13] journaling jolt of energy. ok, granted, we may encourage journaling gratitude first thing in the morning with a hot cuppa coffee, but still. nothing (ok, maybe espresso) gives you that extra little spring in your step quite like practicing gratitude.

[14] jot your way fit. one study found that those who kept a weekly gratitude journal exercised approximately 40 minutes more per week than non-journalers. um, this is why fitbookers rock!

[15] gosh darn it people will like you. wanna know "how to win friends and influence people" like mr. dale carnegie's bestselling book? one of the core principles is practicing gratitude and appreciation for others. 

[16] self-worth skyrockets.  studies find that gratitude gives your self-esteem a big ol’ healthy boost and contributes to increased levels of self confidence. look at YOU!

[17] positively productive. focusing on gratitude boosts dopamine levels, which is is linked to the brain's system of motivation + reward. this enhanced energy triggered by gratitude leads to more clarity + focus - key players in productivity.

[18] ladder to success. increased confidence in your abilities (thanks to your attitude of gratitude), coupled with higher productivity improves work performance tremendously. hello, promotion!

[19] decide, then do. with gratitude comes clarity, and with clarity comes a quicker, more confident approach to decision-making. boom.

[20] because our fitspiration journals are adorable. no but seriously, how cute are they?? but just like our fab fitbookers, they're just as special on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.

[21] because we said so. yes, we're bossy. but it's because we love you. 

follow along as our chief fitlosopher posts daily scribbles of gratitude, prods you to do the same, and then picks 3 people to win a signed copy of our exclusive, limited-edition fitspiration journal hitting the shelves of walgreen's stores nationwide this holiday season. 

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4 Responses


November 18, 2015

Love love love this! Buying as gifts this year!! And of course I need 1 for me. ?


November 14, 2015

Loved this blog. I have recently made an effort to identify 5 things I am grateful for every day. At first I worried because I seemed to be grateful for the same things. But now I add more things to the list and I have found that I am so grateful for the basic things in life like having a family friends a job a hot shower and I feel so happy. My perspective has changed from the inside out. I will definitely start to write down my gratitude list.


November 13, 2015

Just ordered mine on Amazon. Can’t wait to start using it!


November 13, 2015

I’ve tried journaling so many times but always gave up. But not with this one. This one journal has been a life changer for me. It’s given me a place to put down all those thoughts that constantly swirl in my head and give me little peace, and a place to plan out a healthy lifestyle.

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