5 ways to beat the bloat before you (pool) float

let’s face it: no matter how awesome your bod is, we all aim to banish the bloat before we slip on that bathing suit + prance around the pool. it’s just human nature. no one wants to feel puffy at the pool party. the good news: unlike losing weight, de-bloating can be achieved as long as you know a few tricks of the trade. which is why we’ve got the tips that’ll trim that tummy just in time for summer fun in the sun. here are 5 surefire ways to beat the bloat before you (pool) float. 

[cut carbonation + opt for h2o instead]
ok, we know you love your kombucha and your la croix (we do too!), but chugging down a carbonated beverage - healthy or not - is a surefire way to become the mayor of bloatville, population: you. instead, opt for agua. you need to get in your 64 ounces anyway, plus the good news is, even the staunchest of water-haters will enjoy a jazzy fruit-infused concoction, a la our fitfuser water bottle. one genius de-puffing pairing: fresh ginger + lemon.  

2 [skip the chips + fill up on fiber]
fiber is the magical secret ingredient to feeling full, high on energy and deliciously de-bloated. consuming foods high in sodium, on the other hand, is the quickest way to add an extra little layer of water retention to your bikini bod. not exactly the look we’re going for over here. that’s why we make it a point to skip the salty chips and other processed snacks in favor of healthy fiber-filled fare like raspberries, figs, fresh coconut + avocado. our snack-toting vessel of choice: the handy-dandy snackstak for effortless, pre-portioned seaside snackage. bonus: you can even pack some chocolate in there - dark, of course (we like 70% or higher). turns out, your gut bacteria just looooves feasting on all that anti-inflammatory goodness, which in turn shrinks belly bloat. win-win for everyone. 

3 [up your potassium]
potassium actually aids in regulating fluid balance in your body, which helps to banish belly bloat. so your best bet for a little pre-pool snack would be potassium-rich superstars like sweet potatoes, watermelon, beets and of course, bananas. extra points for the yellow guys: they’re also a great source of tummy-taming prebiotic fiber. looking to really slim down for that big pool party? log your food to make sure you’re getting in all the bloat-banishing nutrients you can + avoiding the bloating bad guys. after all, studies have shown that people who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight. pro tip: as far as food logs go, we’re obviously partial to fitbook.  

4 [watch your portions]
the reasoning behind this one’s pretty obvious: full bellies become bloated bellies. watch your portion sizes to help ensure you don’t inadvertently overeat, then put the fork down when you’re satiated. using our dynamic duo food scalefitportions meal-prep set makes proper portioning a no-brainer. measure foods  + pack up the pre-portioned, glass containers with healthy eats for a beach picnic that won’t bloat your bod. 

5 [get your gratitude on]
we know what you’re thinking: what does gratitude have to do with looking foxy in a bikini?? um, a lot. you see, when you’re stressed, it ups your cortisol, which causes weight gain (especially around your middle) + water retention. no bueno when you’re wearing a swimsuit. luckily, there’s a simple way to slay that stress monster: that’s right - gratitude. just toss your fitspiration journal in your pool tote, curl up on the beach chair + jot down 3 things you’re grateful for to wave buh-bye to that stress bloat. 

what upcoming summer plans do you have that are motivating you to dial in your goals? share in the comments below!

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