up your life game: 5 things olympic athletes do that you should too

one thing our chief fitlosopher knows all-too-well from her many years in the health + fitness entrepreneurial trenches: hitting a wall is inevitable. this holds true in life, in business, in fitness. in fact, when she sat down with Inc. magazine to talk about the parallels between olympic sports and running a successful business, she spoke about just that. sometimes, just like olympic athletes running a race, you hit a wall. do you think they just give up mid-race? nope! as trite as it may sound, they keep putting one foot in front of the other until they cross the finish line. it got us thinking about what else we could learn from olympic athletes and apply to our daily routines to not only up our fitness, but also improve our lives.

so in the spirit of the last couple days of the games, here are 5 things olympic athletes do that will help you push through those walls (fitness or otherwise) and up your life game:

1 [they train early] pro athletes make it a point to get a workout in first thing in the morning. when you work out early, you don’t run the risk of letting the day’s events distract you from fitting in that exercise. plus, you’ll feel amazing all day and your productivity will skyrocket.

2 [they have accountability buddies] it’s a common practice for olympic athletes to train together, even though they’ll ultimately be competing against one another. why? It provides a level of accountability. so whether you enlist a friend to help make sure you stick with those workouts, or work out a deal with your bestie to give you little nudges to finish that book you’ve been writing, there’s nothing like having to answer to someone else to keep you on-track with your goals. this is precisely why fitbook lite specifically asks you to enlist an accountability buddy - because it works!    

3 [they set goals] all olympic athletes go through extensive mental preparation before the games begin. one of the most important aspects of laying that groundwork: goal-setting. not only do they visualize what they want in great detail, they also outline the steps it will take to get there. the more specific, the better. and we know a thing or two about setting goals, right goal getters?

4 [they get their zzz’s] the pros shoot for about 8-10 hours of sleep during peak training. this gives your body a chance to repair and rebuild tissue and muscle that was broken down during training. mentally, sleep gives you an edge in a number of ways, improving your memory, upping your creativity, lowering stress and even helping ward off depression. our chief fitlosopher admittedly struggles with sleeping enough, which is precisely why every single fitbook includes a sleep tracker - seeing it on paper helps you improve! another research-backed method we like for lulling yourself to sleep? gratitude journaling.

5 [they never give up] every athlete stumbles at some point or another. olympic diver greg louganis accidentally slammed his head into the diving board in the ‘88 games, incurring a concussion, and guess what? he pushed through and went on to earn a gold medal. speed skater dan jansen didn’t win the gold until his fourth olympics. if you never give up, you'll always finish, and winning is always a possibility. after being in business for more than 8 years, our chief fitlosopher shares the secret to entrepreneurial success: perseverance

so whether you’re looking to conquer that marathon or negotiate your next business deal, taking a page from an olympic athlete’s playbook will definitely help you cross that finish line.

which of these can you start doing today? comment below + share. keep putting one foot in front of the other, fitbookers!

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Lynne Jones
Lynne Jones

February 24, 2018

Great inspiration, and it came just when I felt like giving up! Onward!

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