#fabfitbooker becca: fitbooking is life!

since childhood, becca had struggled with poor body image. she wanted nothing more than to fit in, to be “skinny” like her seemingly perfect classmates, to escape the relentless name-calling and bullying at the hands of her peers. naturally an active kid, she took up dance class in middle school, which helped her shed some weight, but still she battled body dysmorphia, eventually triggering a vicious cycle of fad diets, bingeing, diet pills and anorexia.

in the process, becca also discovered a passion for weightlifting and fitness, ultimately leading her to become a Beachbody coach to help others achieve their fitness goals. but her weight was still fluctuating. she realized that in order to figure out what was hindering her progress, she needed to keep a close watch on her workouts and food intake. she tried a spiral notebook, but felt disorganized. she tried My Fitness Pal, but became obsessed with the numbers and fell back into her old habit of not wanting to eat. it wasn’t until she found fitbook that becca was finally able to identify the problem, subsequently dropping 40 pounds and finally finding the confidence within herself to pursue her dream of competitive fitness.  

fitbook in her own words:

“I started using fitbook because my weight was fluctuating, so I wanted to write everything down to see if there was a noticeable pattern. fitbook helped me to pinpoint the problem: my portion sizes! I had no clue how much food I was actually eating. Writing everything down keeps me 100% on track. I've tried every fad diet you can think of, and they all were a fail.

is the one and only thing I’ve used that has really helped me because it’s a lifestyle, not a diet or a quick fix.
It also helped me when I was in competition prep. I had all my workouts and food neatly organized, which really helped me cut. Plus I could vent if I was having a struggle week, as well as look back on my inspirational quotes to keep pushing myself! It's great for me with all of my goals, from gaining muscle to dropping body fat. And since I'm trying new things with fitness, I keep tabs on that in my fitbook as well.
fitbook has helped me to break the diet mentality and become a healthier, happier, stronger person. It teaches me to love myself, love what I've eaten, love my workouts. If I've had an off day, that’s okay, and if I had a great day or week, it adds fuel to my fire to keep going. I have become more in tune with my body, and I stay more accountable. I love fitness and nutrition, and fitbook truly supports that.

tracking macros is cool and all,
but fitbooking is life!”

now a certified personal trainer and Beachbody coach, becca is also in school working toward a nutritional science degree. happier and more self-accepting than she’s ever been in her life, she is already setting her sights on 2016 competitions. and her trusty little fitbook will be with her every step of the way. you rock, becca! we’re so happy to be an instrument of your success.

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