#fabfitbooker kelly: journaling her journey [6 weeks in + 15lbs down]

kelly has always been a self-professed curvy girl. a very active golfer and softball player, she felt that she still looked healthy regardless, justifying the extra weight as the inevitable price she paid for loving food. then after surgery to repair an ankle injury left her relatively inactive for a year, she put on 30 pounds. she started law school and settled into a comfortable routine: her days revolved around her studies with very little emphasis on exercise, and her diet could definitely use some improvement. pretty soon, she had gained yet another 30 pounds.

after seeing pictures of herself from her 25th birthday party this past june, kelly decided it was time to take action. she had tried weight watchers online, as well as my fitness pal, having success for a while, but then like clockwork, she’d lose motivation and quit. then in late august, she discovered fitbook.

now just six weeks into her very first fitbook, she has already shed 15 pounds and 9 1/2 inches! 

seeing the changes in her body and daily improvement in her strength and endurance keeps her motivation high and her outlook positive.   

fitbook in her own words:

fitbook is so different for me. Six weeks in and I have not even once (even on a bad day) forgotten to track my food and fitness. I love the accountability of having to write down everything I eat. I also love the checkboxes at the bottom that remind me what I need to be eating more or less of during my day.

Mostly I love that if I haven’t worked out yet for the day, I have an entirely blank page on the left hand side. I love balance and symmetry, so if I have all this writing on the right side, I will have to go put something down on that left side. It’s so motivating to me!

I absolutely love the whole online community. I frequently look at the #fitbook on instagram, love the #fabfitbooker posts, and love following the @fitbook account. It has really given me the motivation not only to eat right and put better nutrition into my body, but also focus on the strength of my body and making sure I do something active every day, even if it’s just going for a 30-minute walk.”

kelly’s journey is just beginning, but it looks like she’s off to a running start! we are so excited to watch it unfold, and we hope you’ll follow along with us as we check in on her periodically. kelly, you are absolutely crushing it. you are a shining example of a goal getter, and we are so unbelievably thrilled that fitbook has made such a difference for you!

inspired by kelly? or have questions for our fab fitbooker?
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Wayne Morrison
Wayne Morrison

October 14, 2015

Keep up the good work Kelly. It’s worth every minute. Fitbook is a gift from GOD.

60lb loss using Fitbook

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