#fabfitbooker angel: the biggest loser

let me tell you a little story about a man named angel. angel grew up in a mexican family where the standard diet consisted of mainly beans and tortillas. delicious, but not necessarily conducive to maintaining a healthy physique or achieving optimum nutrition. he was sick and tired of being sick and tired, of his clothes not fitting properly, of dieting and not seeing results.

enter a guardian angel(a), our founding fitlosopher angela. a regular at the peet’s coffee where angel worked as a barista, angela cooked up a little fit@work challenge to see just who could be the biggest loser of the bunch:

[six weeks, six pete’s employees, six $20 buy-ins (plus an extra $120 matched by fitlosophy) and six fitbook lites, + the competition commenced. winner takes all.]

turns out, all angel really needed to get in gear was a little competition. and the fact that his competition happened to be his co-workers turned out to be an invaluable resource, adding built-in support and accountability into his daily routine. instead of beans and tortillas, they made sure he stuck to veggies and protein. instead of going out for drinks after work with the other baristas, they went for hikes. workouts were consistent because he knew he had accountability partners to answer to each day at work. he put in the effort, and it paid off bigtime. 

in just six weeks, angel lost an astounding 50 pounds to win the challenge, then shed another 10 in the following six weeks with a second fitbook lite!  

fitbook lite in his own words:

“I tried diets before, but I was hungry all the time, so I never stuck with it. fitbook lite made weight-loss so simple for me. It wasn’t overwhelming. It made me more aware of my portions. The four tweaks made things more achievable and less overwhelming.

fitbook really helped me dial in on water and sleep, which were things I’d never really paid much attention to before.

Doing a program like this with your co-workers is the best way to go. There’s built-in accountability, support and camaraderie that you can’t really get elsewhere. It was so cool to watch the transformations, to see how much better we all felt and to know that we did it together.”

for angel, fitbook lite inspired a complete lifestyle shift, a transition made simpler by the fact that his co-workers, the people he sees each and every day, were in the same boat. congratulations, angel - on your win AND your loss! we couldn’t be more proud!

inspired by angel? or have questions for our fab fitbooker?
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October 07, 2015

Great story!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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