#fabfitbooker cory: she’s goin’ the distance

heavy for most of her life, cory has always struggled with her weight. she gained in college, she gained in law school. she would’ve liked to lose a few pounds, but it didn’t seem like an achievable goal for the average overloaded, overscheduled modern-day woman. then she stood by and watched as a family member made the commitment, losing a great deal of weight, finally giving cory the push she needed to make the commitment herself. if her family member could do it, so could she. no more excuses. and 2015 was going to be her year.

in january 2015, cory started her first fitbook + joined weight watchers. she loved how seamlessly fitbook integrated into her life and routine, pairing perfectly with her weight watchers nutrition plan + making meal-planning and workout-tracking a breeze.    


now down 63 pounds and countless inches since making her fitbook commitment, cory credits the daily reflection and motivation her fitbook provides with much of her weight-loss success.

fitbook in her own words:

“I love that fitbook is flexible enough to accommodate different programs and strategies. [It works perfectly with Weight Watchers.] And setting weekly and monthly goals gives me something to focus on every week. It also helps me to plan out my week in advance, which is something I had not been doing before. I think writing everything down is so important. I really committed to the fitbook.
I printed a before picture, I put motivational messages in it, and used it every day. It traveled with me everywhere. One of my favorite things was writing down an inspirational message each week. Depending on how I was struggling that week, I needed slightly different motivation and it was empowering to figure that out for myself and recognize what my weaknesses were at the time.
fitbook held me accountable, pushed me to continue setting new goals and moving forward, but also kept a record of where I had been and how far I had come. I recorded my favorite workouts in my fitbook, so I could go back to them later. Reflecting on the week and setting goals each week is a practice that has really worked for me.

My mantra now: Change your life. Do it on purpose.

before fitbook, cory couldn’t work up the energy to run a mile. by the end of her first fitbook, she was running 2.5 miles at a clip, using her newfound endurance to complete both a 5K [finishing in 32:05] and an 8K [finishing in 51:55] this summer. now wrapping up her third fitbook and prepping to begin her fourth, cory is well on her way to achieving her health and fitness goals, making the most of her fit commitment and [purposefully changing her life in the process.] congratulations on your amazing accomplishments, cory! we couldn’t be more proud to be a component of your success.

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