healthy@home habit #5: have a consistent night time routine

need some homestyle fitspiration for your kids? you’ve come to the right place. we compiled a list of five healthy habits you can easily implement with your children in your own home, starting now.

sleep is huge
. your body + your brain need sleep in order to function properly, giving cells a chance to regenerate, muscles a chance to repair + the brain a chance to reset. without this nightly recalibration, hormone levels that affect mood, appetite + focus are all outta whack + you feel tired, cranky + foggy.

sleep is fittastic because it:

  • helps kids grow.
  • keeps their immune systems strong.
  • helps them stay focused, both physically + academically.
  • helps them maintain a healthy body weight.
  • keeps their hormone levels in check.
  • makes them less likely to engage in risky behaviors or become depressed.

[children 3-5 years old need anywhere from 11 - 13 hours of sleep per day, while kids 5-12 need 10 or 11 hours. kids 12 + up need at least 8 1/2 hours.]

to set the mood for restful sleep for your children, a consistent nightly bedtime routine is crucial. structure + consistency helps kids feel safe, but they also need to develop the skills to calm themselves + transition into sleep mode. you can help things along by setting the stage: think bedtime story [added bonus: this instills a deep-rooted love of reading in your child], a cool, darkened room, the soft hum of an air purifier or box fan, snuggles aplenty while you use these few minutes of undivided attention for quiet conversation + reflection.

so there ya have it, fit folks: our #5 #fitbookjuniorapproved healthy habit your youngsters can put into practice at home, setting them up for lifelong health + happiness.



using these techniques in your home? tag us using #gottabethefitbook with snaps of your little one mid-chore or helping out in the kitchen or reading a bedtime story. we love seeing how our fitlosophy is working for you + your family!

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