healthy@home habit #4: take care of the family pet

need some homestyle fitspiration for your kids? you’ve come to the right place. we compiled a list of five healthy habits you can easily implement with your children in your own home, starting now. 

it’s a well-known fact that therapy animals can make great strides in helping developmentally challenged kids learn, but studies are now finding that all children can benefit from fido in more ways than one:

  • giving pets love provides opportunities to practice nurturing.
  • handling daily care, such as feeding + walking teaches them responsibility + commitment.
  • playing with the dog, such as fetch or frisbee, provides physical activity.
  • having a living creature reliant upon them creates empathy + respect for life.
  • seeing the results of all their hard work (a happy + healthy pet!) builds self-confidence.

according to one recent study, having multiple pets can even [decrease a child's risk of developing certain allergies], with children who were exposed to two or more dogs or cats as babies less than half as likely to develop common allergies than kids who had no pets in the home.  other studies have suggested that early exposure to pets may [decrease a child's risk of developing asthma].

want your kids to help out more with the family pet? assign simple, age-appropriate jobs, allowing your children to choose which ones they will each be responsible for. younger children can let you know when the dog’s water bowl needs refilling or help brush the cat. older kids can be in charge of feeding, walking or training the dog.


so there ya have it, fit folks: our #4 #fitbookjuniorapproved healthy habit your youngsters can put into practice at home, setting them up for lifelong health + happiness.   


using these techniques in your home? tag us using #gottabethefitbook with snaps of your little one mid-chore or helping out in the kitchen or reading a bedtime story. we love seeing how our fitlosophy is working for you + your family!

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