healthy@home habit #3: do household chores.

need some homestyle fitspiration for your kids? you’ve come to the right place. we compiled a list of five healthy habits you can easily implement with your children in your own home, starting now. 

in a recent Braun Research survey of 1,001 U.S. adults, [82% reported having regular chores growing up, while only 28% said that they require their own children to do them]. we think it’s time to turn these stats around. why? we’re glad you asked. turns out, doing household chores from an early age (as young as 3 or 4) helps children:

  • even better, there’s squeaky clean fun for kids of all ages:learn responsibility.
  • develop self-reliance.
  • cultivate positive relationships with family and friends.
  • learn to be empathetic + responsive to others’ needs.

[2-3 years] - put away toys + books, fold washcloths, throw away trash, dust baseboards

[4-5 years] -  set the table, put away laundry, feed the pet, water the plants, load the dishwasher

[6-8 years] -  clean countertops, empty dishwasher, rake leaves, pull weeds, empty wastebins

[9-11 years] -  vacuum, mop, clean toilets, mow the lawn, prepare a simple meal, take trash to curb

[12+ years] -  babysit, wash the car, laundry, change lightbulbs, make dinner, iron, clean windows

task-tackling youngsters are also more likely to achieve academic + career success, most likely because of their early experiences with the confidence-boosting + sense of mastery that completing chores instills.

we know what you’re thinking: this sounds great in theory, but how do i actually get my child to help out around the house? you might be surprised by how willing your kids are to help out simply by employing a few clever tactics.

first of all, do it together + keep it short, especially for the younger ones. kids are more likely to relish helping if they feel like they’re part of a team + by setting a time limit, you’re more likely to keep them + their short attention spans on-task + focused. set a timer for 15 minutes, blast some music + get to work. make it fun!  

one thing to avoid: tying chores to allowances. experts recommend keeping them separate, as money can dampen a child’s motivation to help, turning what should be an unselfish act into a business deal.

and when all else fails, there’s an app for that. You Rule Chores + ChoreMonster are apps that can be powerful motivational tools for even the most chore-weary children.


so there ya have it, fit folks: our #3 #fitbookjuniorapproved healthy habit your youngsters can put into practice at home, setting them up for lifelong health + happiness.   


using these techniques in your home? tag us using #gottabethefitbook with snaps of your little one mid-chore or helping out in the kitchen or reading a bedtime story. we love seeing how our fitlosophy is working for you + your family!

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October 02, 2015

Holy shinzit, this is so cool thank you.

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