healthy@home habit #2: plant a garden.

need some homestyle fitspiration for your kids? you’ve come to the right place. we compiled a list of five healthy habits you can easily implement with your children in your own home, starting now. 

give a man a fish + you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish + you feed him for a lifetime. ok, so we’re talking about gardening, not fishing, but the same rule applies, so it’s totally applicable.

planting + tending a garden not only gets your children outside in the fresh air, away from iPads + tv + video games, but it also provides a vast array of learning opportunities, the benefits of which are insanely numerous.

  • the regular maintenance it takes to keep a plant alive teaches them responsibility.
  • learning what all it takes to nurture a plant teaches them understanding.
  • seeing the (literal) fruits of their labor promotes self-confidence.
  • learning about the soil + plants + insects + animals in a garden instills respect for nature.
  • learning about the relationships between soil + plants + insects + animals + weather + the sun + the air teaches them science.
  • working in the garden each day is fun + rewarding physical activity.
  • figuring out new ways to grow food fosters creativity.
  • learning about fresh food teaches them about nutrition.

wanna start a garden with your child, but don’t know where to begin? first of all, just keep it simple. start with one or two different types of crops + give your child her own garden space. this can be anything from a small plot in your family garden to a few clay pots filled with some good organic soil + mulch. involve them in the planning + design, working with them to draw it out on a piece of paper. visit community gardens or take a farm tour for inspiration.

choose fun or interesting plants like sunflowers or pumpkins or tomatoes + flowers that attract butterflies + small birds.

when it’s go-time, use lightweight, easy-to-handle tools, correctly sized for your child + encourage lots of digging in the dirt. let them discover the amazing ecosystem that exists in the soil. you can even set up a worm farm so your child can get an up-close-and-personal look at the magic brewing beneath our feet.


so there ya have it, fit folks: our #2 #fitbookjuniorapproved healthy habit your youngsters can put into practice at home, setting them up for lifelong health + happiness.   
using these techniques in your home? tag us using #gottabethefitbook with snaps of your little one mid-chore or helping out in the kitchen or reading a bedtime story. we love seeing how our fitlosophy is working for you + your family!

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