healthyhabit@home habit #1: get kids in the kitch!

at fitlosophy, we firmly believe that healthy starts at home. that’s why we allocated an entire goal-setting section to this very principle in our award-winning fitbook junior [fitbook’s fresh-faced, kid-centric progeny, focusing on #goalgetting in four different areas - healthy food choices, physical activity, doing well in school + practicing healthy habits at home]. nothing motivates the wee ones quite like those coveted fitbook junior star-stickers.

need some homestyle fitspiration for your kids? you’ve come to the right place. we compiled a list of five healthy habits you can easily implement with your children in your own home, starting now.

healthy home habit #1: help prepare (healthy) meals + snacks:
wanna broaden your child’s palate + lay the groundwork for lifelong healthy eating habits, while also helping him learn + practice basic math, strengthen language skills + build self-confidence? invite him into the kitchen!

teaching your child to cook is one of the most crucial pieces of knowledge you could possibly impart. perks include:

  • teaches them healthy eating habits + encourages a broad palate.
  • cultivates an appreciation for whole-food ingredients.
  • watching the cooking process unfold engages all of their senses.
  • gives them an opportunity to build upon their basic skills in math, vocabulary + reading.
  • executing a recipe from beginning to end teaches the value of planning + the art of timing.
  • seeing + tasting the finished product boosts self-confidence.
  • hours logged together in the kitchen encourages connection through quality time.
  • experiencing the time + effort it requires to put a good meal on the table instills appreciation.
  • teaches them a vital skill they’ll use throughout their lives to nourish themselves.
when it comes to cooking, there’s a job for everyone!
[2-5 years]stirring, rinsing fruits + veggies, kneading dough, using cookie cutters, measuring
[6-8 years]whisking eggs, boiling pasta, grating cheese, peeling fruits + veggies, frosting cakes  
[9-12 years]slicing veggies, baking, roasting veggies, making pancakes, using a food processor
[13+ years]developing knife skills, using a mandoline, using a gas grill, making a full meal


so there ya have it, fit folks: our #1 #fitbookjuniorapproved healthy habit your youngsters can put into practice at home, setting them up for lifelong health + happiness.   


using these techniques in your home? tag us using #gottabethefitbook with snaps of your little one mid-chore or helping out in the kitchen or reading a bedtime story. we love seeing how our fitlosophy is working for you + your family!

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