#fabfitbooker lisa: learning to dance in the rain

ever seen a hero dance in the rain? meet lisa. a combat vet, lisa returned from military deployment stressed out. and like so many of us, when lisa gets stressed, lisa gains weight. she tried losing it with different weight-loss programs and apps, but she was obsessed with that stubborn ol’ number on the scale and found it difficult to track progress to determine exactly where she was falling short. one bad day had the capacity to send her into a tailspin. she felt overwhelmed.
that’s when lisa decided she could no longer wait for the storm to pass, but rather learn to dance in its rain.

enter fitbook lite. with the inclusion of our pint-sized heavy-hitter fitbook lite into her daily routine, she was back on track and ready to conquer some lbs, shedding more than nine pounds and several inches in just one six-week fitbook lite cycle. now she knows that she can have the occasional bad day and still reach her goals just by holding herself accountable and focusing on her four daily tweaks. and when life gets busy, she has her trusty tracker to keep her workouts planned in advance and her food and exercise stats logged conveniently in one portable little package. what was once overwhelming is now exciting.




fitbook lite in her own words:

“With fitbook lite, I was able to make small changes and get back on track. It wasn't impossible or drastic. I just focused on the tweaks and everything fell back into place. It got me away from looking at a number as the top focus and instead, I was able to reach goals by being held accountable with the tweaks. The pounds and inches lost were an added benefit. I feel great and am more focused and consistent. I’ve even tried a new workout or two!

Before, I would get overwhelmed with planning, especially when my schedule was busy. Now, I can plan out future weeks, track measurements and log food and exercise, and it’s all in one place, ready to go. I can go back to review prior weeks and measure progress, and not only in terms of inches or pounds lost, but also in changes in how I felt, how reps or times improved in my exercise and consistency in my diet. fitbook truly lets you individualize fitness.


Now I know that there are so many more goals out there beyond just the number on the scale.


I know there will be off-days, but they shouldn't derail everything. You have to not be too hard on yourself, get up and move forward. I have learned that life often throws curves, but even when life gets in the way, I still have a strategy and can adjust my goals accordingly. I still have a bit to go, but I know it can be done. I’m SO EXCITED!

lisa is still stressed. with her father battling cancer and her mom recovering from surgery, life has definitely thrown her some curves. but with her newfound fitbook-lite-focus she is powering through in typical hero fashion, working toward goals like training for a half-marathon and continuing to dance in even the heaviest of rains. lisa, we thank you for your service to this great country, and for allowing us to inspire you even half as much as your courage and perseverance inspires us!


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