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when nicki’s husband brought home a fitbook mama2b as a birthday gift for his 4-months-pregnant, fitness-fanatic wife, he was hesitant to give it to her. any smart man avoids offending the pregnant woman. the gift of a pregnancy journal designed to help the health-conscious expectant mother-in-the-making stick to her goals for healthy baby weight gain, keep active with weekly fit tips, and snack smart with the power pregnancy foods, could be misunderstood by a hormonally-charged mama-to-be. in the end though, he’d worried for naught: nicki enthusiastically put her mama2b to good use, ending her first pregnancy with a healthy 25-pound weight-gain + a bouncing, bright-eyed baby girl.

six weeks after her daughter was born, nicki was already back in action with fitbook #2, eventually shedding ALL 25 pregnancy pounds, plus a few more. a few fitbooks later, nicki received more happy news: she was expecting another little bundle! mama2b saw her through her entire second pregnancy, which again culminated in a 25-pound weight-gain and another happy, healthy daughter. employing the use of another fitbook post-partum, she again lost all of her baby weight at a steady clip before her youngest was 9 months old, attributing much of her success to her little goal-setting journal.

now as a 30-year-old mother-of-two, nicki weighs less than she did in high school and can see more definition in her arms, legs and stomach. and in true fitlosophy goal-getter fashion, she’s consistently checking goals off her bucket list, running her first full marathon last fall, and pushing herself to set new goals, both big and small, each and every day.

fitbook in her own words:

“I received my first fitbook in 2012 and have had one ever since! fitbook holds me accountable and keeps me motivated. I can have a really bad day, and be able to look at it, know where I went wrong and fix it. Being competitive in nature, I look at the day/week/month before and I want to do better, push harder, eat healthier, etc. Each day has a new goal: to do better than the one before! It's nice to see a starting point on paper, and then watch your goals come to life.
I always had the mindset that the older I became, the less able I’d be to conquer my goals in life. fitbook has totally changed this for me.

I feel 100% accountable for MY actions, MY goals, MY life, and I get to watch the transformation from beginning to end. I have a record to look back on when I feel like I'm not making any progress. It's nice to see the real struggle. When my daughters are in sports or battling life's curve balls, I will have something to show them that illustrates that even though it’s not always easy, you can overcome.”

three years after that first risky, yet fateful gift from her hubby, mama2b is credited with sparking nicki’s fitbook fire, and is still regarded as the best gift she’s ever received. for us, stories like yours are a gift, nicki. [it’s why we do what we dowhile loving every minute of it. your consistent goal-crushing, even in the midst of doing the most important work there is - creating life - inspires us on the daily. you go(al), girl!   

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Lindsay Suline
Lindsay Suline

February 01, 2017

How do I lose weight and it to my fit book

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