#fabfitbooker trixia: runnin' down a dream (and 120lbs)

after struggling with her weight for most of her life, trixia had a very simple goal: to be a runner. the goal seemed daunting at first; with the excess weight, even 10 seconds of running left her winded. she was having difficulty breathing; her joints were achy; and her cholesterol was through the roof. so she started out slow. power-walking on the treadmill at home progressed to jogging. as she logged more and more miles, the weight began to come off, and that’s when she really got down to business.

trixia craved organization. she knew she needed accountability in order to achieve her goals. a techie at heart, she first tried some popular fitness apps. but when she stumbled across fitbook on a fortuitous target run, she was intrigued by its old-school sensibility: write it down, make it happen. and thus began her love affair with our OG, the 12-week goal-setting, workout-inspiring, meal-tracking journal that helps her keep her fitness and nutrition plans organized for the week.

fitbook in her own words:

“I've used fitbook for over two years and I love it so, so much. It's helped me stay on track and better plan my meals and workouts, and it keeps me accountable. Nothing beats writing it down in my fitbook. Of course I've had my bad days and circled quite a few sad faces in the food entry section, but whether the week was good or bad, I have something I can reflect on, things to take note of that I can do differently in order to improve.

I've lost close to 120 lbs so far!

Now, I’m working on toning and training for my first full marathon, so staying on top of my diet and fitness is crucial. My fitbook helps me do that. It's seriously my favorite food/fitness diary ever. I love making goals and training to achieve those goals. It's amazing to look back and see what I’ve accomplished!”

now, more than two years later and 120 pounds lighter, trixia is a runner. with four half-marathons, several 5ks and a triathlon under her belt, her love affair with fitbook is still going strong. when she makes promises to her fitbook, she feels obligated to keep them, and it’s because of this accountability that she has enjoyed such incredible weight-loss success. she is currently studying to become a certified personal trainer and dreams of one day becoming a dietitian. you keep runnin' after those dreams girl; we have all the faith in the world that you'll achieve them. thank you trixia for sharing your story + inspiring others to live life fit.






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April 17, 2016

You look wonderful. Looking at the 3 pics really shows your transformation. Great job girl & even more you fulfilled your goal. Incredible!! Question, how did you start with the little steps first? Was it the eating, exercising or a combo of both when you first started out? Wanted to know which came first or if one thing then led to another. Let me know & congratulations again.


April 04, 2016

Such a wonderful story and great job!

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