#fabfitbooker megan: losing the freshman 45 to gain heart health

by the end of college, megan realized she had fallen into an unhealthy rut: less-than-stellar eating habits and not enough physical activity. even as a college athlete, her 45-pound weight-gain and resulting hypertension and pre-diabetes diagnosis at just 23 years old served as the wake-up call she needed to get serious about regaining her health. after discovering fitbook during one fateful afternoon of insta-stalking, her weight-loss journey was jumpstarted and her life forever changed.

now, one fitbook and a fitbook lite later, she’s down 60 pounds + countless inches, she said buh-bye to hypertension and pre-diabetes, and she continues to incorporate fitbook into her clean-eating and weight-lifting routine. it helps her stay on track and keeps her commitment to herself and her health strong.  but don't take our word for it. here's megan's story in her own words:

"My journey started out pretty rocky: my gym schedule was sporadic and my eating habits were spotty at best. I didn’t really have a plan, but I had goals.  I had multiple apps on my phone that would track eating and working out and they were okay, but only if I actually used them. I didn’t have to log those muffins if I didn’t want to, right?

I found fitbook by accident, scrolling through Instagram one day. It’s a journal, but it’s actually more like a coach, as if the book itself wants you to succeed. The reason I love it so much is because you have to physically write down a plan for the the day, and for me seeing something on paper makes it real.

You can’t just delete, swipe left, or start over. It’s on that page forever.  It holds you accountable and at the end, it’s so rewarding to flip through the pages and see all the things I did right.

Obviously, the weight loss is pretty great too.

 I have lost close to 60 pounds and I am not diabetic; my hypertension is gone and my blood pressure is perfect.


I am happy, fit, strong and in better shape now than when I was playing college softball! fitbook was the best gift I ever gave myself."

lesson to learn from megan's triumph? this isn't just about what you see in the mirror. for her, the weight loss was a bonus; second only to her health and happiness. thank you megan for sharing your story + inspiring others to live life fit.

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[read more about megan journaling her way to an 80lb weight loss – as featured on WomenHealth.com] 

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March 05, 2017

You are such an inspiration! At just 37 years old I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I think this is the first time that I’ve been able to admit that without feeling ashamed. Maybe I didn’t feel that this time because I know I’m finally ready to do the work. I’m getting married October 20th and I want my new, fit body to stun everyone. I got my fitbook and my meal prep containers today and my fitjournal should be here later this week. I’m ready to rock this!!!!


March 02, 2016

I ran across your instagram and saw you post about the fitbook, and I went on amazon and bought one after I saw your instagram and weight loss journey. So thank you for motivating me and helping me find this amazing tool. I’m on day 3 and LOVING it. :)

brandy jones
brandy jones

February 18, 2016

you are inspiring and I’m ordering my book today! i have all the thing you mention pre diabetic high bp like way high and i want to be around for my 4yo and be able to play with her and ride amusement park rides with her.

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