no tricks: just 4 halloween treats for happy + healthy kiddos

October 17, 2017

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it’s an unavoidable fact that halloween means higher sugar consumption, and honestly, sometimes you’ve just gotta throw caution to the spooky wind + go with the sugary flow. i mean, let’s just be realistic...they're kids.  plus, the way we see it, the fact that we feed our fams well 90% of the time makes the occasional indulgence totally fine - and might we add, guilt-free! but when we found ourselves browsing the aisles of walgreens the other day, we couldn’t help but keep an eye out for a few healthy-ish treats that aren’t quite so full of tricks. hitting the stores to stock up on sweets? here are our four faves @ the corner of happy + healthy:

[bark thins snacking chocolate]

ok, so these aren’t individually wrapped for halloween-candy convenience, but the prospect of nibbling on a delectable chocolate treat with just five fair-trade-certified ingredients, while we take on trick-or-treaters all night long was just too tempting to pass up. tip: portion into small see-through bags + wrap with pretty ribbon to make these trick-or-treatable!

[yum earth organic lollipops]

totally organic + completely free from artificial flavorings or colors, these little lollies are sure to bring a big, slurpy smile to all the kids’ faces! 

[skinnygirl belgian milk chocolate truffles]

made with quality belgian chocolate, organic coconut oil + ancient sea salt, and packin’ a respectable 8 grams of sugar in two truffles, these bad boys are lookin’ a wholllllle lot better than your standard sweet treats.

[droga chocolates money on honey wildflower honey caramels]

corn syrup or artificial colors + flavors? these guys passed on all that junk. instead, their caramel is made old-school-style in big copper kettles with real butter, cream + honey, then enrobed in dark chocolate + finished off with a sprinkling of french fleur de sel sea salt. even better: for each + every box sold, a donation is made in support of honey bees.

you can find all of the above better-for-you treats at your local walgreens store. after you stock up on treats for the kiddos (and maybe a few for yourself), be sure to mosey on over to the fitness aisle + pick up some fitlosophy goodies for that post-halloween hangover! no tricks, just treats waiting for you at the corner of happy + healthy. 

do tell: what was your go-to treat as a kiddo? our chief fitlosopher's: a toss-up between tootsie pops + sweetarts! tell us yours in the comments below. 

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October 18, 2017

DOTS were my favorite! They are still a weakness of mine. These honey chocolates look so YUMMY. I will be visiting my local Walgreens today to search these treats out.

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