red, white + blue(berry) parfait









by now, we all know that holidays don't have to be unhealthy. but, i'm also well aware that i'm not martha stewart with oodles of time on my hands to frolic about in the kitchen for hours on end. in fact, none of my recipes take over 15-20 minutes.  remember: bright shiny objects. easily distracted. wait, what was i blogging about again? 


oh. my quick lil' red, white + blue(berry) parfait that is on point. not just for the 4th of july - but any day. need a quick recipe for entertaining? buy the little clear disposable cocktail glasses or serve these in mason jars to be even more adorable. of course i went with the stemless wine glass!  

STEP ONE: buy stuff

    • 1 container fresh blueberries, blackberries (or both)
    • 1 container fresh strawberries, raspberries (or both)
    • 1 container each of chobani simply100 greek yogurt: blueberry, strawberry, vanilla
      [note: use whichever brand you like - i just love that these are 100 cals, only 7g sugar + 12g protein...and yummy]
    • blue + red all-natural food coloring

    STEP TWO: wash berries + let dry while you add 1-2 drops of red dye to the strawberry + 1-2 drops of blue dye to the blueberry greek yogurt. stir!

    STEP THREE: layer it however you like. seriously, i'm not a pinterest pro, but this works! grab a spoon + dig in or pop in the freezer for a chilled treat. 



    kick back, relax + enjoy your warm summer evening

    [cue the fireworks] *snap*crackle*pop*boom*

    God bless 'merica,


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