3 ways to spruce up your goals this spring

it may be st. patrick’s day, but we’re not exactly over here hunting down leprechauns or searching for four-leaf clovers. why not? because we don’t believe in waiting around for lady luck to notice us. we believe in goals - writing it down, making it happen, creating your own luck with action. and what better time to start than the season of spring?

here are 3 ways to spruce up your goals this spring that have nothing to do with cleaning out your closet.

[put pen to paper]

have you been hitting the gym hard + making smart food choices, but still aren’t seeing results? maybe you’re feeling those midwinter blues. insider tip: try putting pen to paper. multiple studies have shown that people who write down their goals - whether it be weight loss or climbing the corporate ladder - are much more likely to achieve them. (the odds go up even higher if you repeat them to a friend!) when you log your food + workouts in your fitbook or fitbook lite, you have a record you can use to pinpoint gaps in your routine, thus allowing you to improve accordingly. furthermore, using our fitspiration journal to jot down your gratitude each day can boost your mood, help you sleep + up your immunity.   

[drink your greens]
you should be getting in 2-4 servings of fruit + 3-5 servings of veggies each day for optimum health. the reality: most of us aren’t eating nearly enough. a simple fix? blend up some veggies in your morning smoothie! or even simpler, stash some EBOOST spruce energizing whole greens powder in our fitfuel mixer + just add water or your favorite nut milk at go-time for a quick, easy 1.5 servings of green veggies. we absolutely love this stuff because it not only helps us meet our daily veggie quota, it also contains 3 grams of fiber, ups our energy + tastes amazing!

[get outside]
go outdoors + enjoy God’s green earth! in fact, studies show that the color green (basically the mascot color of spring) actually makes exercise feel easier, while outdoor workouts tend to encourage exercisers to stick with it. being outside also ups your vitamin d intake, which helps lower inflammation, boost immunity and encourage healthy bone + cell growth. and with temps on the rise, flowers blooming + birds happily chirping, do you really even need an excuse to bop right out the door?


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March 19, 2017

Love it!!!

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