tres recipes: healthy quick enchies + faux fried beans + skinny margs


healthy quick enchies and faux fried beanshola. and happy cinco de mayo!  if you are planning on enjoying a few adult beverages today, why not skip the endless baskets of tortilla chips and burritos covered in sauce, and make these healthy quick enchies and faux-fried beans instead?

this quick dish is a healthified version of my momma’s gringo enchiladas.  what are gringo enchiladas you might ask? they are ground beef enchiladas with white flour tortillas, red sauce and yellow cheese.  all the foods that real mexicanos don’t eat, hence: gringo.

i’ve enjoyed these since i was a wee one and the recipe still lives on today.  but of course, i had to create an equally tasty and a (lot) healthier version. this is a great go-to dinner to have on hand for healthy dinners during the week and of course for cinco de mayo.

i like to top these enchies with spinach, greek yogurt, avocado and hot sauce, but these taste just as good without any additional toppings.  and if you don’t like black beans, pinto beans work just as well.

so now excuse me while i dig into my healthy quick enchies + faux fried beans while enjoying a (spicy) skinny margarita. recipe a la derecha…de nada.

everything in moderation right?
¡buen provecho! 




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