#21days2summer: join our healthy habits challenge!

the 3-week countdown to toasty temps + bare buns is on, which means it’s time to kick things up a notch. now, we’re not big proponents of that whole crash-dieting-to-fit-into-a-bikini thing, but we are so down with picking up a few extra healthy habits to help us start our summer with a bang(in’ healthy bod). wanna get in on this??  

june 1 [drink half your body-weight in ounces of h2o]
example: 140 lbs = at least 70 oz agua daily. not only does the clear stuff hydrate your whole bod, rev up your metabolism + help you avoid overeating, studies have shown that people who drink 16 oz before each meal lose more weight than those who don’t.

june 2 [book a trip that will motivate you]
sometimes, all it takes to give you a little nudge out of your rut is a change of scenery, something to look forward to. go ahead + get it on the books, then use it as a big, juicy, dangling carrot to inspire some major goal-getting before the big bon voyage. 

june 3 [pack some road snacks]
goin’ on a little weekend jaunt? pack up our super-portable snackstak with healthy snackage before you hit the road to avoid fast-food sabotage. babies (or kiddos) on board? it's dual purpose for storing healthy snacks for you + any little ones in tow.

june 4 [plan your weekly meals]
use our fitbook fitness journal + food log weekly planning pages to map out your meals for the week ahead. it’ll keep your wallet fat + your goals on track.

june 5 [go swimsuit shopping (+ be kind to yourself in the process)]
let’s be honest: bathing-suit shopping can be a real debbie downer. (seriously, what is with those cellulite-spotlighting fluorescent bulbs??). pick up a brand-new suit in a color that brings out those eyes + a cut that flaunts your favorite assets, then look straight in the mirror + say “dang, i look good!!”. 

june 6 [watch your portions]
this little trick can save some major calories. you can make it as simple as swapping out those large dinner plates for smaller salad plates for automatic portion control. personally, when we’re in doubt, we weigh it out on our digital food scale.

june 7 [try a new workout]
hit an exercise plateau? chances are, you just need to switch up your workout. it’ll keep your body guessing + boost your fat-burn while upping your engagement, getting you excited about exercise again.

june 8 [eat (or drink!) your greens]
you wanna shoot for 3 to 5 servings of veggies per day to ensure you’re getting all your necessary nutrients. the good news for the veggie-averse? blend ‘em into your smoothie for a blast of vitamins + minerals that’s practically undetectable. (we’re partial to organic girl blends + simple green smoothie has some killer recipes to sip your greens!)

june 9 [wear (non-toxic) sunscreen]
did you know age spots are actually sun damage? be good to that birthday suit + slap on some spf every single day. avoid products that contain hormone-disrupting oxybenzone + opt for those containing zinc oxide or 3% avobenzone instead.

june 10 [hold a 60-second plank]
when your core is strong, your body is exponentially healthier overall. and nothing tones that tummy quite like a plank. saddle up on our cushy fitmat, stopwatch in-hand + get ‘er done. (pro tip: we like to plank during commercial breaks!)

june 11 [power up with potassium to cut bloat]
potassium-rich foods like bananas + sweet potatoes help rid your body of bloat-inducing excess sodium, as well as level out your body’s water balance. banana smoothie anyone?? check out 4 more tips to beat the bloat before you (pool) float.

june 12 [go sugar free]
we know it’s a tough reality to face, but cutting the sugar is one of the healthiest things you can do for pretty much every system in your body. try upping your fat to ward off cravings (we love this bulletproof matcha recipe) + go cold-turkey with added sugars (that includes honey + maple syrup too!) for just one day. still jonesing for sweets? grab a handful of low-sugar berries.

june 13 [jot three gratitudes]
turns out, people who keep a gratitude journal have more energy + put in more time at the gym than those who don’t (how handy for beach season!). pick up one of our purty little fitspiration journals and literally just bask in the sunshine with pen in hand and get your gratitude on. 

june 14 [get 8 hours]
many people underestimate how vital sleep is to top performance, both physically + mentally. slip into a warm bath, sip on some chamomile tea + shun electronics for at least a couple hours before bedtime, then snooze for a solid 8 hours. (don’t forget to log your zzz's to track sleep trends over time!)

june 15 [stock up on some new workout wear]
i mean, come on, is there anything better than brand new workout clothes?! if nothing else, you’ll wanna head straight to the gym just to show off how sporty you look in your new fitgear. best part: athleisure is like the in thing so you can easily go from cardio to coffee (or cocktails) in style!

june 16 [make a healthy lunch]
brown-baggin’ it not only saves you money, it saves you from succumbing to those taco trucks that like to park right outside your office building. pack up our fitportions meal prep set with all the healthy goods to get you through the day.

june 17 [hit the trails]
chances are, there are hiking trails you didn’t even know existed lurking in your area. ask around to find a good one + get to hikin’! not only will you break a sweat, but you’ll drink in some fresh air + see your city through a different lens. (tip: stay hydrated!!!)

june 18 [hit the farmer's market]
nowhere will you find better deals on quality produce than at your local farmer’s market. it’s fresh, it’s seasonal + (bonus!) it’s often grown organically without the pricey organic certification. bonus points if you take your earth-friendly reusable bags!

june 19 [try an inversion]
this underrated yoga move improves circulation + sends a flood of blood + oxygen to the brain, upping your mental game. pull out your fitmat + give it a shot. beginner? use a wall for balance. (pretty please put your phone in video mode if you try this one - this could be serious youtube material.) be safe!

june 20 [incorporate collagen protein]
collagen protein boosts your energy, metabolism + muscle mass, helps heal leaky gut + reduces joint aches + pains. better yet: it’s completely flavorless, so you can add it to anything. add a scoop or two to into a protein shaker + throw it in your bag, then when you’re ready, just pour in your liquid + shake shake shake. need some recipes to give this power protein a try? we've got you covered.

june 21 [hit 10k steps]
consistently getting in 10k steps per day can spark some major changes in your body - hence, why celeb trainer harley pasternak, as well as our fitbook lite, recommends this daily goal. did you know the average adult logs about 5900 steps per day? but research shows hitting that 10,000 steps per day challenge is linked to lowering risk of disease, weight loss, and reduced blood pressure. simply clip our little red pedometer onto your waistband + get to steppin’!

so what are you waiting for?? comment below to commit.

6 Responses


May 27, 2018

How do I print this out?


June 05, 2017

Yayyyyy!! We’re so excited you’re all participating! We can’t wait to see how you complete the challenges! Make sure you tag us in all your pics! Yes, Aleena, two points per day is the max. :)

Bridget Hasham
Bridget Hasham

June 03, 2017

I love that you posted the goals ahead of time I’m much more of a success when I know ahead of time what I need to get done.


June 02, 2017

I’m in! @haleneec #21days2change


June 01, 2017

I love all the inspiration I get from Fitbit blog s/posts, etc. super excited for this challenge and ready to win a prize! ? Is two the maximum # of points you can get per day (one picture, one comment)?

Heather Archambo
Heather Archambo

June 01, 2017

This is so fun!! I have never done a challenge before and saw it on savoringtheflavorings instagram story!!

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