21 rewards to treat yoself under $21

reward thyself. who else loves filling out that little red-hued reward box in their weekly planning pages? and better yet, who isn't thrilled to check that "yep" box in the weekly wrap-up that answers the question: "did your earn your reward?" it's a simple yet glorious thing. in fact, that’s why we created fitbook around the philosophy of goal-setting + reward-reaping. dangle those carrots and watch those goals get crushed. in fact, research shows that smaller, more frequent rewards are actually more effective than one big reward. why? because they keep you motivated + moving forward. the best part? since they’re small, they don’t have to cost a lot of money to be effective. for years our fitbookers have been asking the question: what are some effective rewards? we posed this question to our chief reward in-house adviser (i.e. chief fitlosopher) and she has just 2 rules when it comes to rewards: 1) avoid using food as a reward - you're not a dog and 2) spend money on items that will support you in achieving your bigger, long-term goals. with that in mind, we came up with a little list to assist you on rewarding your goal getting ventures.

here are 21 fun little rewards to treat yoself for under $21.

1. a cute workout tank
is there anything that motivates you to work out more than cute new workout gear? we think not. sport the live life fit mantra in this adorable tank that can take you from street to studio in style.

2. fresh new socks
don't underestimate the power of the perfect pair of socks. your feet (literally) take a beating day in + day out. reward them for a job well done with a few pairs of our faves. these are game changers, no lie.

3. fitspiration journal
while fitbook’s the brawn, fitspiration journal is the beauty. use it as a soulful supplement to your food + fitness journaling for a healthy dose of soul sustenance.

4. magazine subscription
this is a gift that keeps on giving all year long. enough said. women’s health + self mags are always winners in our book.

5. snackstak
this super-stackable, ultra-portable little pre-portioned snack container makes healthy snacking on-the-go completely effortless.

6. a bottle of wine
a good bottle of vino makes everything better. chock-full of antioxidants, just make sure you measure out a proper 5 oz portion before imbibing. check out a few of our thrifty faves.

7. new recipe + workout motivation
what better way to celebrate an awesome week of fitbooking than taking it up a notch with our 3-day kickstart ebook, complete with a fresh new meal plan with recipes + workouts??

8. grid mini foam roller
reward your bod for workouts with a little at-home mini muscle massage à la an itsy bitsy foam roller. just stop, drop + roll it out.

9. fitdesk calendar
not only will our desktop calendar help you keep your days straight, it’s filled with tips + quotes to keep you motivated. bonus: it's not year-specific so you can use it year after year!

10. wireless ear buds
upgrade those standard-issue iphone earbuds with a wireless pair that’ll give you the ultimate freedom to get your sweat on, tether-free. trust us - once you go wireless, you don’t go back.

11. fitfuel mixer
who needs a fancy schmancy blender when you can have our grab + go protein shaker? just stash your favorite protein powder inside + add liquid when you’re ready to drink.

12. bath bombs
let’s face it: after all that working out, you could probably use some scrub-a-dubbing. and what could possibly be more relaxing at the end of a long day than a hot bath?? adding a bath bomb into the mix? add a glass of vino from our list in #6 and you have a heavenly combo.

13. fitfuser water bottle
we’re gonna be real: we’re not always the best at keeping up with our target water intake. plain ol’ water is just so...plain. but when you jazz it up with infusions? mind: blown.

14. a fun new sheet face-mask
these little sheets are all the rage right now. ending the day with a chick-flick marathon and a skin-soothing face-mask? sign us up!

15. me time, journaling
sometimes just some peace + quiet is reward enough. but we recommend grabbing your favorite pen, curling up with a journal + allocating at least a half-hour to reflect. odds are the reward is far greater than any amount of money can buy.

16. a new running headband
keep your hair out of your face and your goals on-track. 

17. a motivational print
this is one that serves double duty - rewarding a job well done, while motivating you for future goal-getting. we love this one for cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

18. a new healthy cookbook
fueling your body with the best means you’ll feel your best. pick up a new health-food-focused cookbook to switch up your meal plan.

19. fitness tracker
you don’t need an expensive fitness tracker with all the fancy bells + whistles. the most important part? keeping track of your steps. our simple little red pedometer is all you need.

20. a pedicure
pretty piggies = oh happy day!

21. this is my happy hour coffee mug
this has quickly become our new favorite coffee receptacle. add some bulletproof brew + life is gooooood.

how do you reward yourself for a goal well gotten? share in the comments!

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