21 reasons you should drink more h2o. (hint: weight loss is one)

water: it’s literally our life force, making up 60% of our body composition. but are you getting enough of the clear stuff?? we sure aren’t! and now that summer’s here, it’s even more crucial to stay adequately hydrated on those long, sweltering days. with benefits like natural headache relief, clear skin + toxin elimination it's clear: water rocks! (so does paper.)

need more convincing?
here are 21 reasons you should be drinking more h2o:

1 [cures headaches naturally] always reaching for that tylenol every time you get a headache? dehydration is a well-known migraine trigger, so try downing a couple glasses of water first. in one recent study, subjects who drank 16 oz of water experienced complete headache relief within a half-hour.

2 [keeps you hydrated] this one’s pretty obvious, but adequate hydration is crucial for optimum health. it keeps everything working like it should.

3 [makes you rich] ok, maybe not rich in the traditional sense, but you’ll be rich with health, and really, isn’t that the kind of wealth we’re all striving for??

4 [aids weight loss] downing at least 64 oz per day aids weight loss by helping you feel full + boosting your metabolism. recent studies even showed that people who drank 16 oz of water before each meal lost 5 pounds more than those who didn’t.

5 [excuse to carry a really cute water bottle] not that you need an excuse. and we happen to have a pretty sweet sipper to tote!

6 [boosts your mood] there’s no doubt about it, dehydration (even just a mild case) causes irritability. next time you’ve got a case of the crankies, try downing a big glass of water to turn your frown upside down.

7 [stops hiccups] got the hiccups? hold your breath + gulp down a glass of h2o. hiccups: dunzo.

8 [keeps digestion movin’ right along] we don’t wanna get too graphic, but long story short: water binds to fiber to make things run smoothly, if you know what we’re sayin’. when there’s not enough water to go around, constipation ensues.

9 [lets you check off the boxes in your water tracker] and honestly, is there a better feeling than THAT?!?! yes, fitbook + fitbook lite both include water trackers because it's THAT important to #sip8!

10 [helps with hangovers] alcohol is a known dehydrator, so one good way to cancel out the effect is to down a glass of water between each cocktail, thus avoiding dehydration + the resulting dreaded hangover. already hungover? guzzling h2o will still help lessen the severity. tip: don't imbibe too much to begin with!

11 [prevents certain types of cancers] research has shown that the more water you take in, the less likely you are to get bladder cancer. there have also been promising stats indicating that adequate water consumption reduces your risk of colon and breast cancers. pass the water, please.

12 [quenches your thirst] because when you’re reallllllly thirsty, what tastes better than an ice cold bottle of water??

13 [fuels those muscles] think about it: sweat = water loss, and when muscles lose too much water, they get tired. next time you need an extra burst of energy to get you through that workout, try chugging some water.

[keeps your kidneys in tip-top shape]
kidneys have the dirty job of removing waste from our bodies (+ controlling our fluid balance), so water is crucial for helping them do their job properly by moving things in + out quickly.

15 [keeps you focused] get this: dehydration actually causes your brain tissue to shrink, so your brain ends up having to work a lot harder to perform. in fact, studies have even shown that students who sipped water during tests scored better.

16 [flushes toxins from your bod] the more water you drink, the more you "gotta go", which moves toxins right on out. so give those toxins a one-way ticket on the agua express!

17 [keeps joints + cartilage lubed up] because who wants dry, creaky joints?? 

18 [cools you off] it’s a scientific fact: anyone who is holding a bottle of water looks automatically cool. ok, maybe not scientific. but really, on a hot day, sipping a cool glass o' h2o cools you right off. cool? cool.

19 [lowers your risk of heart disease] a recent study found that participants who drank at least five glasses of water per day reduced their risk of fatal heart attack by 50%, as compared to people who drank two or fewer glasses daily.

[clears up your complexion]
certain toxins in the body cause skin inflammation, which materializes as clogged pores + acne, and as we already learned, water is a toxin-flusher.

21 [because we said so] you need a better reason than that?? yes, we know we're bossy, but it's for your own good. :-)

so how much water should you be drinking each day? good rule of thumb: shoot for half your bodyweight in ounces. (example: weigh 140? you need at least 70 ounces per day) need a new water bottle to kickstart your water consumption?? check out our fab little fitfuser to give your water a little pizzazz!! come on, WATER you waiting for?! 

so, tell us:
what is your go-to tip for sipping 8 each day? if you're like our chief fitlosopher, this doesn't come easy (hence, creating our fitfuser to sweeten her sips!).

ok...all this water talk has us, um....well, we gotta GO! [cue the pee-pee dance]
adios agua lovers! 

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