heart healthy: fish (check)…vino (check check)!

who said being healthy is no fun?  seriously.  one of my weekly goals as part of the go red for women betteru program was to eat fish for dinner twice this week.  i also read this health stat that french women have the 2nd lowest risk of heart disease because they drink a glass of red wine each day.  oh really – please…twist my arm to convince me to drink wine.  i don’t mess around – i killed 2 birds with 1 stone tonight and had a super heart healthy dinner:  grilled sole with diced tomatoes & garlic, a huge serving of sauteed spinach…and a glass of yummy red vino!  my tummy and my heart are happy.  i “may” have had a few nibbles of a chocolate dessert too…but i’ll convince myself that it was the heart-healthy dark chocolate kind.  all things in moderation right?

i’m so excited…we are almost only 24 hours away from the FIRST EVER blog your heart out day where we’re rallying bloggers around the world to blog about heart disease to raise awareness in support of the american heart association and the go red for women campaign.  spread the word – if you (or someone you know) is a blogger: join us!  meet the team of fitlosophy bloggers…and learn why it’s so important that we all join forces and speak up against this silent but serious killer.  learn more about how you can take 10m out of your day to make a difference in the lives of others…read on.  here’s how:

  • encourage your readers to join the go red for women movement online at the goredforwomen.org. please use the following link, which redirects to the go red registration page, so we can track our success of ALL our bloggers around the world: http://www.getfitbook.com/v/vspfiles/BYHO/redirect.htm
  • download the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT badge (to the right) and adding to your blog so you create awareness every single day – remember to link to:  http://www.getfitbook.com/v/vspfiles/BYHO/redirect.htm
  • challenge your readers to find a community of support, make healthy changes to their diet and exercise, get a heart check up, and speak up to their doctors about having a lipo-protein blood screening.
  • blog how your life or someone you know has been impacted by heart disease.

be a part of something bigger and join bloggers worldwide – then email BYHO@getfitbook.com the following info bysunday, february 14th:

  1. the link to your BLOG YOUR HEART OUT DAY blog post
  2. number of hits on your blog on february12th OR number of average blog readers per day

what’s in it for you? all participating bloggers will be entered into a drawing where 3 bloggers will win a fitbook to giveaway on their site, mentioning that the giveaway is part of the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT movement. not only will you be helping to draw additional attention to the go red for women movement, but you’ll be sharing fitbook’s fitlosophy to live life fit. now go all you bloggers – and BLOG YOUR HEART OUT! when you speak up, you help save lives. together we will make a real difference.

now i must take my happy tummy (and healthy heart) off to bed so enjoy my nightly cup of tea before bed.  have i mentioned how much i’ve missed my blog?  it’s good to be back…and even better to be back  - for a good cause.

with all my HEART,

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