coconutty for coconut oil! (plus blogs i heart)

one of my very favorite blogs out there, fitness & spice, asked me to write up a guest post yesterday on the health benefits of coconut oil and my recent review of a new coffee creamer that ranks right up there with my half-and-half! (gasp!)  if you’ve followed my blog you know that i never even gave up my half-and-half during competition prep…mainly because i couldn’t find a comparable replacement.  so take a little trip over to fitness & spice to check out my lil’ write-up:

give your body a boost with coconut oil (by yours truly)

your bod will thank me…check out why this soy-free, dairy-free, and trans-fat-free HEALTHY fat will not only improve your health, but kick that metabolism into high gear!  sound too good to be true?  read it and weep…with happy tears!

thanks to fitness & spice for the opportunity to guest blog on seriously one of the best blogs out there if i might say so my self.  a few other blogs i’ve come across deserve a little shout-out for recent fitbook reviews that i’ve come across.  these bloggers just reviewed fitbook because they love it…not because they got a free fitbook or because they got paid (we don’t do that!)…which is why i’m sharing!   not only are these wonderful reviews – but these blogs just ROCK:

coreplay by katie osumi: review of how fitbook keeps this creator-of-coreplay on her toes.  learn more about coreplay – a revolutionary new workout that will rock you to the core.

shedding it & getting it: an in-depth review o’ fitbook, pics included, by this blunt and bubbly blogger that will bring a smile to your face.  she is: real.

fitness & spice: this aforementioned blogger-turned-friend has some of the best reviews out there on fitbook with killer pics too. from fashion and fitness to nutrition and a dash of humor to spice things up, this blog has it all.

that’s all for now…happy blog hopping!

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