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every sunday afternoon i start to get a bit antsy in preparation for the coming week…not stressed, just anxious thinking about what needs to get done and what the upcoming week looks like.  well this sunday afternoon is no different – except i’m fully aware that the next 2 weeks of my life are going to be non-stop.  so while setting my goals this week i just took  a step back and tried to keep myself in check.  it may come as no surprise that i am your typical, type-a, perfectionist – which is quite silly because i’m far from it.  but i am hard on myself most of the time and push myself to always do better and be more.  while it’s served me well most of the time, sometimes i exhaust myself and have to take a step back and realize that there’s only so much time in a day and i can only do so much.  so this is one of those weeks!  fly out monday for meetings with 24 hour fitness on tuesday (um…excited!!), fly back tuesday night, then my girlfriend-slash-business-partner-in-crime (ms. fitness & spice) is flying into town wednesday in which a slew of meetings ensues upon her arrival, followed by a trek to san diego for more meetings and some much-needed play time at the beach, back up to orange county on friday in preparation for not one, but two nights out with the girls on friday and saturday (this coming from the girl that’s usually in bed by 11!).  sunday = rest & recover.  ok i’m exhausted just thinking about it.  but as i set my goals i have to realize that yes, i’ll get my workouts in of course, but they may not be as intense…or because i’ll be eating out more than usual, i probably won’t eat exactly as clean as i usually do when i cook at home.  but then i realize – that’s life.  and instead of get stressed about it, i just have to take it one day at a time, know that i may not get as much work done as i’d like all week, but i just need to get the most important things covered, take it one day at a time, and rest-assured, the work will still be waiting for me when i come up for air.  we are often so hard on ourselves (speaking from experience) – but the truth is, all we do is exhaust ourself for no reason at all.  so my goal this week: know my limits and that i can only do so much in a day….get my workouts in bright and early in the morning, focus 100% so when i am working i’m super-efficient & productive, enjoy my time with friends, and try and still get some sleep so i’m not completely dragging come sunday.  life is short – and if all i do is run around “doing” and don’t take time to just relax and “be”, i’m afraid i’ll wake up one day and my life will have passed me by.  oh – that’s might deep for a sunday…i digress.

speaking of ‘knowing your limits’, the betterU program this week from go red for women was all about knowing your cholesterol and then taking steps to improve it.  how many people know the ideal cholesterol levels?  ah – i’m here to educate you!

  • <100 mg/dL                     optimal
  • 100-129 mg/dL               near optimal/above optimal
  • 130-159 mg/dL               borderline high
  • 160-189 mg/dL               high
  • 190+ mg/dL                     very high
i remember going to my doctor and he told my my cholesterol was very low (118) and i asked him if  it was too low.  he said he had a professor in med school that always told the students: “you can never have too much money or too low of cholesterol.”  ok so 1 of 2 isn’t too shabby!  few things to understand though about cholesterol is high cholesterol can be hereditary – so that you cannot change.  BUT do not use that as an excuse because there are plenty of other factors you CAN change, such as:
  1. lifestyle: don’t smoke (at all!) or drink excessively
  2. maintain a healthy weight, being overweight/obese increases your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease
  3. be active!  it can lower cholesterol and also result in a healthy body weight (see point #2!)…kill 2 birds with 1 stone here and get moving!
  4. avoid eating foods high in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol [check out this little handy eating guide from the american heart association]
while i may not have a cholesterol issue – there is research showing that stress is a major contributor to heart disease.  so what’s the point of eating healthy and working out all the time if i’m stressing out about it?  my reward this week: relax by the pool on sunday with a magazine in this lovely 80 degree california weather we’re having to recover from a busy week.  relaxing is equally important as getting in those grueling morning workouts, but for some reason much harder for me to do!  ok if i must i will force myself to lay like brocolli in the sun (with sunscreen of course).  know your limits this week – not just how hard you push yourself, but get that cholesterol in check too.
off to relax before the craziness of the week begins!

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