12-week & 2010: that’s a wrap!

yes, it’s me…poking my lil’ nose back into my blog after a much-too-long absence to wish you all a happy new year!  and to circle-back (as promised) on my 12-week goals that i set back in october.  i don’t know about all of you, but i set these super-aggressive, sometimes unnattainable goals, and then wonder why i don’t reach them.  and i’m even the one that preaches setting achievable goals!  yes, my goals were totally do-able that i set just 12-weeks ago, but given that i actually like to enjoy time with my family and NOT hit the gym 2 hours a day for the latter part of december, my superwoman goals might have been a bit over-the-top.  let’s revisit what my goals were:

  • weight: 119 (goal: 115) 
    ACHIEVED! while weight wasn’t my primary drive this 12 weeks, it was a nice surprise to see that fitbook works (ha!) and as i slowly stepped on the cold scale this morning to see where i was, even after the holidays, i was nervous because i seriously haven’t weighed for 12 weeks.  so when i saw 114.2 blink back at me, there was a sense of overwhelming joy to see that  being happy and NOT focusing on weight resulted in finally getting back to my pre-competition, “happy weight”…all without dieting or killing myself with workouts! 
  • bench press (1-rep-max): 85#  (goal: 120#) 
    ACHIEVED – KINDA.  this is a lesson in good goal-writing.  i really wanted to lift my bodyweight, and the great thing about bringing my weight down by 5lbs – it made it easier to reach this goal of lifting my (new) body weight of 115#…one rep max, with a spotter!  having that strength back is a great accomplishment for me and while i have no desire to be bulked up like when i was competing, there’s a little bit of pride i get from being able to throw 35#s on each side of the barbell and crank out my bodyweight. try this…i dare you!
  • push-ups: 32 (goal: 50)
    ACHIEVED!  i reached this goal actually in week 10…yay!  according to men’s health, i’m “men’s health fit” which was a reality check for me on how hard i sometimes push myself.  this is a good thing…for the most part.  work on those pushups though – they are a great measure of strength.  start by perfecting your form doing pushups on your knees (toes on the floor), then work up to your toes, and advance by doing decline and incline pushups!
  • pull-ups: ZERO…booo!  (goal: 3)
    NOT ACHIEVED.  so i can do 1…but not my goal of 3.  this was a toughy, and i did try!  but i must also say that i probably set too many goals.  if you have so many to focus on, sometimes you forget to work on all of them and i have to admit i’d forget this one more often than not because, well, i wasn’t good at them!  lesson-learned.
  • hanging pike leg-raises: 3.5 (goal:10)
    (ALMOST) ACHIEVED…8!  without a spotter i can knock out 8 like nobody’s business…but those last 2 i have to have a spot for…but a great improvement over the 3.5 i could do when i started.  i’m giving myself a thumbs-up on this one!

here’s a look back at what was driving me for the past 12 weeks:
MOTIVATION: gain self-confidence through building my strength back for ME…based on how i feel, not how i look.  reward: shopping spree at lulemon right before my 31st birthday!
[check, check, and check!  looks like i know where i'm going this weekend...LULU here i come!]

now that said, i must admit that i didn’t finish out 2010 as stellar as i might have hoped.  i go home for 10 days to see my family in colorado and while i work out pretty much every day while i’m home, my “workouts” are a far stretch from my butt-kicking workouts here at home. it’s the one time of year wheni get to be with my family for that long of period of time, so i choose to go for hour-long walks with dad, sneak over to 24 hour before everyone wakes up, or consider shopping at the mall with mom for 6 hours my cardio for the day!  i look at this way: i seriously work out at least 6 days a week for 50 weeks out of the year, so i’m not too hard on myself for taking it easy and letting my body rest.  it’s probably good for me physically, but rather difficult mentally – which is why i still get my workouts in (to some degree).  that, combined with being in (far) less  control of what food is served means that i have to be super mindful of what goes in my chompers. bless her heart, my mother actually thinks her cherry cobbler is  a nutritious breakfast, with a glass of milk of course!  the best part about taking a little (much-needed) time off from the daily grind of the gym is that i actually miss it and i’m geared up to hit it hard today and kick off 2011.   i’d love to hear how you fared over the holidays…share your stories with me!  and then share your goals as we head into the first 12 weeks of 2011.  i busted out my new fitbook BLACK to sport at the gym.  remember: it’s not a 12 week diet/workout plan/program….it’s an ongoing lifestyle.  no resolutions, people. make life changes that you can keep for the long haul.  have reasons why you “can’t”?  stay tuned for my excuse-buster series this week!

yours truly,

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