excuse #1: “i’m too tired!”

January 05, 2011



excuse busted:

  • umm hello, it gives you energy!  research shows that even 25 minutes of low-intensity exercise 3 times per week resulted in a 20% boost in energy.   push yourself harder and see your once-tired-tush reach new levels of get-up-and go!
  • exercise has a positive impact on your zzz’s – move more, sleep better.  morning workouts (especially when done outdoors) reinforces your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and late-afternoon workouts (especially intense cardio) boosts your body’s temperature and then falls right before bedtime which eases you into sleepytime.  just avoid working out 3-4 hours before beddy-bye: you might find yourself counting sheep, not zzz’s. (discovery health)
  • all that said, listen to your body and get quality shut-eye so you can perform optimally at home, work, and in the gym.  all wakey and no sleep makes for one cranky day!

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