excuse #2: “eating healthy is expensive & i have no time to cook”

  excuse busted:

  • did you know that a loaf of bread, lean turkey breast lunch meat, and the fixins’ for a healthy side salad cost you about $10 and yields about 10 meals?  that’s going to run you about $1/meal whereas eating out can easily cost between $4 (at a super unhealthy fast food joint) to $10-15 at a nice restaurant.  the average american spends about $7 per day on lunch – enjoy a brown-bag sami and salad instead and save $2190 in a year!
  • redefine “healthy”! repeat after me: 100-calorie packs are NOT healthy, they are pre-portioned junk-food.  100-calorie packs are 16 to 279% more expensive than the larger packs, not to mention there is often NO nutritional value whatsoever.  grab a piece of fresh fruit for less than 100 calories, get nutrition, and shell out only 19 cents for a banana at target (or a max of 99 even at starbucks!) compared to $2.71 for one pack of chips ahoy thin crisp 100-calorie pack.  exception:  we heart the emerald cocoa-roast almond 100-calorie packs!
  • go to costco or sam’s club and stock up on the non-perishable or freezable items such as lean chicken breasts, big boxes of brown rice, and frozen bags of vegetables that could feed an army.  bonus: your fridge will be so full that you won’t have room for unhealthy options!
  • many healthy recipes are faster than non-healthy options.  case-in-point: our quick cranberry-walnut ravioli salad or this eggcellent protein pizza that take 10m or less!  subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get the latest and greatest “healthy fast food” recipes from fitlosophy.  also, check out hungry girl’s new 1-2-3 cookbook that makes eating healthy fast and fabulous along with these other cookbooks we love.

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